11 '90s Hairstyles To Try On Your Little Girl, Because Retro Is In

The '90s were a time of sporting overalls, wearing glitter lotion, and donning cute (albeit, uncomfortable) jelly sandals. As a preteen and younger sister to a teenager during this decade, the '90s gave me some of the most impressive and fashionable styles that were oh so solid. Aside from fashion, the '90s delivered some interesting hairstyles. In fact, many of the hairstyles can be deemed as timeless and in turn, have developed into '90s hairstyles to try on your girls today.

When I was a kid, my mom kept thing pretty simple with my hair if she was doing it on her own. A quick ponytail or a half-up/half-down 'do was about as good as it got. But if my aunt did my hair or if I went to a salon, everything was fair game. From French buns to finger waves, my hairstyles were lit as I approached my middle school years.

My older sister, who had longer hair than I did, had the ability to pull off many of the popular hairstyles that ruled the '90s. And boy did she make them look good.

Whether you were more of an accessory type of girl or rather rocked the curls, these 11 styles will give you a little inspiration of what to do for your little girls mane that can still be as stylish as they were in the '90s.


Place Butterfly Clips In Their Tresses

You weren't poppin' if a plethora of butterfly clips didn't fill your box of hair supplies. Why not bring them back for your stylish mini-me?


Crimp Their Locks

Though crimping my hair has never been a favorite of mine, many girls from the '90s held that style down well into the early 2000s. Try bringing it back for your little one this year.


Twist Their Tresses back

Front twists secured by a few butterfly clips was totally a popular thing for my cheerleading friends and I in the '90s, and definitely the cutest.


Fan Their Ponytails

This was definitely a big trend in the '90s, and it even flowed over into the early 2000's. Cute and quick, you can bring out your little millennials inner '90s girl with this one.


Flip Their Hair

Many girls and women flipped their hair outward in the '90s and I must admit, I was one of them.


Create Candy Curls

Candy curls were the absolute cutest to me. Whenever my mom would give me a head of curls and spritz them down so they would hold, I felt like I was sitting on top of the world.


Weave Some Pigtail Braids

Pig tails weren't for me after I was about 4 years old, but my sister laces my niece with them more often than not.


Secure Thier Hair With Scrunchies

Every '90s cool girl had an array of colored scrunchies in their collection. You weren't cool if you weren't color coordinated.


Apply some Colored Streaks

When I was a kid, my mom would've never let me put color in my hair. However, many of my friends wore them and they were definitely stylish.


Attempt Box Braids

Though box braids were extremely popular in the '90s, they have been brought back into formation and I'm all here for it.


Try The Microbraids

Singer-actress Brandy Norwood rocked microbraids during the majority of the '90s, and she rocked them quite well.