11 '90s Kid Movies You Look At Differently As An Adult

When I was a kid in the '90s, things seemed so much different. from the humor of certain shows to the coolness of certain items But I look at these things differently now that I'm an adult. And one thing that seems particularly different are the movies I watched. Now, as a 20-something millennial, I can think of a few '90s kid movies that are looked at differently as an adult.

Whether it's because I'm more educated or just realize how horrible the plots and actors were, there are some '90s movie I though I'd love for a lifetime that just won't cut it now. That's not to say this newfound knowledge has taken away my love for the movies all together. But now that I'm a little older and a little wiser, I'm more aware of what was happening in them and what the underlying purpose was behind them. In some cases, that isn't always a good thing. Heck, there are times when I watch certain kids films now and think "they let me watch this?"

Whatever the reason for your change of heart, here are a few '90s kid movies will make you think a little differently now that you're a grown ass woman.


'Home Alone'

Watching Home Alone as a kid made being home alone seem like it could be the coolest thing ever. Now that I'm older, the only thing that runs through my head is how did his parents forget him all those times in the '90s?



Back in the '90s, watching Aladdin just felt like you were entering a whole new world. Now though, Robin Williams's character Genie hold so much more weight than he did back then.


'A Troll In Central Park'

A few years ago, I went back and watched one of my favorite movies from the '90s titled A Troll in Central Park. Though I'm sure many people won't remember this movie, after I went back and watched it, I realized it's really not as great as I remembered it to be. In all honesty, it's really not that great at all.



While we were busy singing our lungs out when Pocahontas came out in the '90s, I definitely get the lyrics and feel the pain that was supposed to be presented in the movie now.



There were a lot of questions that I didn't have in the '90s about this Cinderella remake that I definitely have as an adult. And, the first one is how did the prince turn out to be Asian when his mother was black and his father was white?


'Hocus Pocus'

The only thing that I look at differently about Hocus Pocus from the '90s is the fact that I never thought it would've become the cult classic that it did.


'Doug's 1st Movie'

When Doug's 1st Movie came out in the '90s, I don't think anyone thought that there come a time when Doug and his friends were no longer on their television screens. Now, almost two decades later, seeing this movie makes your realize how different times are and how many gems that crew dropped on us back then.


'Pokémon: The First Movie'

When I go back and see Pokémon: The First Movie, I'm reminded now that we are really living life as real Pokémon trainers, thanks to Pokémon Go.


'Space Jam'

Space Jam may be a classic movie, but now that I'm older, I have to admit that it doesn't seem as intense or as action-packed as I remember.



Why did we think Kazaam was such a good movie back in the '90s?


'The Halloween Tree'

I remember watching The Halloween Tree in the '90s and making my sister turn on the lights in the house so I wouldn't be scared. Now though, I don't know why I was even being so extra.