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11 '90s Mom Names That Should Be Brought Back As Baby Names ASAP

This generation is notoriously obsessed with all things '90s. And really, who can blame us? With the comeback of '90s fashion, TV shows, phrases, and more, don't you think it's a little bit inconsistent to exclude names? In all honestly, there are plenty of '90s mom names that should be brought back as baby names right this instant, because if there's anything that absolutely screams '90s, it's the classic "mom names" from that decade. From mom jeans, to high waisted shorts, to crop tops, and even parenting trends, there are so many things we picked up from '90s moms. Why not their names too?

Before you write off this idea, just hear me out. I'm not saying you have to tell your future daughter that you chose her name from a character off The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or that her name was top on the charts two decades ago. But you can tell her about the generation that made you who you are and how her name is inspired by it.

Paired with a catchy, unique, or simply longer than six letter middle name (the '90s had an obsession with short names), these monikers could be the next big thing.



One of the most popular names in the '90s, Amy means "beloved" and is a short and sweet choice with a definitely youthful vibe.



Although Pamela, which means "all honey" (yes, really), has been a classic throughout the years, the shorter form Pam is reminiscent of the '50s and '60s.



Linda means "pretty" in Spanish, and even though it hasn't been a common baby choice in recent years, it's sweet meaning gives it major props.



If this name meaning "pure" isn't exactly for you, you could always go with the longer version Katherine, which has a much more elegant sound.



This name is short and to the point and is the feminine form of John. You could add a little pizzazz to it by making it short for January or Jane.



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Vivian is a timeless name meaning life who's popularity shouldn't come to an end.



Meaning "garland or crown," Stephanie is another great choice for a baby name that doesn't sound out dated.



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Jill, while sometimes short for Jillian, stands just fine on it's own too. The name means "youthful" and as such, is the perfect name for a baby.



Lisa means "pledged to God" and is a great alternative to the longer and more popular Elizabeth.



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Peggy means "pearl," and is a short and sweet name that definitely deserves another chance.



There is still hope for Janet, which means "gift of God." Paired with a unique, modern middle name, it has a great sound to it.