11 Actually Funny Pregnancy Halloween Costumes To Make Everyone Else Pee Their Pants

I've never been pregnant on Halloween before, but I imagine it is the best of both worlds. You get to eat all the candy you want and you can use your beautiful baby bump to make up some actually funny pregnancy Halloween costumes. That's the dream, right?

There are a lot of great ideas out there when it comes to pregnant Halloween costumes, but I just can't get behind the bare belly being painted as a pumpkin. (Also, I'm just not a fan of my own bare pregnant belly being shown off for the neighborhood so I can score some Kit-Kats.) There are so many creative costumes out there, and it's not often you get to rock a baby bump on Halloween. So why not use it to make a costume that actually gets everybody laughing?

Don't worry — there are no zombie hands busting out of a mom's belly here. Nor are there any baby doll heads hanging from between your legs as a costume. I'm all for gory and gross costumes, but these 11 pregnancy Halloween costumes are actually funny and will help you win the costume contest for sure. Just ask what the prize is — if it's that cheap candy with the orange and black wrappers, you might as well stay at home to watch Scream and eat the good stuff.


Miley's 'Wrecking Ball'

Long Sleeve Black Shirt, $7, Amazon | Gray Camisole, $5, Old Navy | Chain Necklace, $4, Amazon | Barbie Doll, $12, Amazon

Who could forget the art that is Miley Cryus's "Wrecking Ball" music video? To recreate the look, you'll need an inexpensive long sleeve black shirt so you can cut a hole right where your belly pokes out. Put the shirt on first and trace the outline of your belly so you'll know where to snip. Then take the black shirt off, put a gray camisole on and layer it with the first shirt. Your gray belly is now the wrecking ball, just like magic. Throw a chain necklace on and dress a Barbie doll up like Miley in the video. Wrap the doll's hands in the necklace and let it sit right on your belly so she can come in like a wrecking balllllll.



Dark Jeans, $10, H&M | Green Skirt, $8, H&M | Zip-Up Hoodie, $14, Amazon | Orange and White Striped Shirt, $5, Belk

Chug some Sunny D and transform into the funniest pregnant girl of all time, Juno MacGuff. It's pretty easy to turn into the teen, so you'll need some dark jeans, a green skirt, a zip-up hoodie, and an orange and white striped shirt. Comfy, not a lot of work, and you can reuse all of the items. Thundercats are go.



Long Sleeve Green T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Tan Camisole, $10, Amazon | Green Pants, $8, Amazon

Why not turn your belly into the perfect pit of an avocado costume? Grab a long sleeve green t-shirt and trace your belly so you can cut out the perfect belly-sized hole. Put on a tan camisole and layer the green shirt back over. Wear green pants and cut a piece of cardboard into the same of an avocado with the same belly-sized hole. Paint the cardboard green and attach it to your shirt so your belly pokes through the cardboard avocado. Holy guacamole, you look adorable.


Watermelon Farmer

Maternity Tee, $20, Amazon

Remember that old saying about swallowing watermelon seeds? Well now your womb is the patch in this hilarious maternity t-shirt. Consider yourself a watermelon farmer . . . or just a warning on Halloween night.


Wilson From 'Cast Away'

White T-Shirt, $15, Amazon | White Pants, $30, Kohl's | Red Fabric Paint, $10, Joann

Wilson is easily the best part of Cast Away, am I right? You can turn your belly into the best character with a white t-shirt, white pants, and some red fabric paint. Just paint Wilson's face right where your belly will be in the shirt and put the whole ensemble on. Don't forget to yell for Wilson, OK?


Kool-Aid Man

Red T-Shirt, $14, JCPenney | Black Fabric Paint, $4, Joann

"Oh yeah" will be your trademark phrase when you dress up as the Kool-Aid man. All you need is a red t-shirt, some black fabric paint, and cardboard to turn into two pieces of a brick wall. Use the paint to draw the Kool-Aid man face right on your belly in the red shirt and attach the cardboard (that now looks like brick wall) to either side of your belly. It will look like the Kool-Aid man just burst through a wall and will delight all 90s children everywhere. (Do they even do those commercials anymore?)


Thing 1 & Thing 2

Red Dress, $25, Amazon | White Felt, $4, Joann | Blue Wig, $10, Party City

Not only can you eat for two, now you can dress as two iconic Dr. Seuss characters. To rock it as both Thing 1 and Thing 2, all you need is a red dress, some white felt, and a blue wig. Cut the white felt into the Thing 1 and Thing 2 circles and put one on your chest and one on your belly. Use a marker to write Thing 1 and Thing 2 on each circle and then put on the blue wig. Done and will gain plenty of laughs as you trick or treat for all the candy you and Thing 2 can eat.


Mike Wazowski

Long Sleeve Green T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Green Pants, $8, Amazon | Craft Felt, $10, Amazon

Everyone's favorite green guy is super easy to put together and is hilarious because hey — it's Mike Wazowski. Dress all in green with a long sleeve green t-shirt and green pants, but pick up a pack of craft felt to make Mike's one giant eye and mouth full of teeth. Be sure to adhere the pieces right to the front of your belly.


Treasure Troll

Nude Shirt, $18, Amazon | Nude Leggings, $11, Amazon | Giant Gem, $7, Amazon | Matching Troll Wig, $20, Amazon

Because treasure trolls are hilarious. I'm just going to assume that you aren't comfortable walking around naked, so grab a nude shirt and some nude leggings. Choose the color of your favorite troll and stick a giant gem on your shirt, right where your bellybutton is. Don't forget to get a matching troll wig in the same color.


Disco Ball

Black Leggings, $10, Target | Black Shirt, $8, Target | Sequin Scarves, $14, Amazon

You'll be the hilarious life of the party when you dress as a disco ball for Halloween, my friend. Dress in all black with black leggings and a black shirt, but pick up a couple of sequin scarves to complete the look. Once you're dressed, use fabric glue to stick the scarf to your belly area, forming it around so it looks like a disco ball in the center of your shirt. Now you're ready to party like you're ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive.


Bun In The Oven

Bun in the Office, $30, Halloween Costume

Who doesn't love a good pun? Dress in a bun in the oven costume for extra giggles on Halloween and eat all the baked goods you can. I mean, you can just consider pumpkin bread as a prop, right? Ovens need carbs, too.