11 Baby Names For People Who Love 'Frozen' & Can't Let It Go

With it's icy surroundings, catchy tunes, and sisterly bonds, what's not to love about Frozen? It's been two years since the movie took over the world, and people of all ages are still obsessed. A movie about true love where the real relationship is between sisters? Smooth move, Disney. And it's inspiring all aspects of people’s lives from makeup and clothes to Frozen inspired baby names.

Yep. Baby names. It's no secret that the world loves the franchise and uses Disney as inspiration for baby names, but Frozen has really set the bar lately. Elsa recently became the 268 most popular baby girl name in America thanks to the snowy movie, making it reach the top 500 names list for the first time in over a hundred years. That's some serious star power. But the name's not only a nod to Disney, it's also a nod to some seriously gorgeous Scandinavian roots. With Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland making up the Scandinavia, there are a variety of pretty Nordic names, and many of them are used in the movie Frozen. So for those who are still singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?", here are 11 baby names perfect for your future Frozen-loving babe.



Who says a name nod to your favorite movie has to include a speaking character? Snow is pretty much the star of Frozen and I think it can be a really sweet name for a little girl. (So does Ashlee Simpson, by the way.) It also hasn't made the top 1000 list according to the Social Security Administration in the last 15 years, ensuring your baby will be super unique.



Alright, you know I had to include it. Elsa has become incredibly popular over the last year, but it's still beautiful and means pledged to god according to NameBerry. And no, your girl doesn't have to rock a long, blonde braid to take on the name.



If you're a true Frozen fan, you know that the movie is based off of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen. One of the story's main characters is named Kai, but the name also appears in Frozen as a minor character. It means sea and is pretty popular for boys, but I think it works great for girls, too.



Obviously, right? Anna is such a sweet, simple name and I love everything about it. It's always been popular, and has been in the top 35 names for births in America since 2000. The name also means grace which is just adorable. (I think it also means "awesome sister", but maybe that's just in Frozen.)



Another obvious nod to Frozen, but still totally adorable. Kristoff hasn't made the top 1000 in 15 years, but it's a lovely variation of Christopher and one of my favorites for a little guy.



The Swedish version of Ellen, Elin is a cute, spunky name for your future Frozen fan. It's a more subtle way to give your love to your favorite sister princesses.



Another character from The Snow Queen, Gerda is a traditional Scandinavian name meaning stronghold. I love the deep roots, and the uniqueness of the name.



The Scandinavian version of Andrew, Anders is also a traditional, spunky name for a baby. You can also say it's inspired by Hans Christian Andersen!



So the Hans in Frozen was fairly terrible, but it's still a nice name if you're looking for some inspiration. Consider it another nod to Hans Christian Andersen, or just a really gorgeous Scandinavian name.



Gunnar has become a fairly popular name and was number 381 last year, but it's still pretty special. It's the Scandinavian version of Gunther and actually means bold warrior.



Birgitta is the Scandinavian version of Bridget, which actually means strength. Since the movie is all about girl power, how perfect is that for a little Frozen loving girl?

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