11 Thought-Provoking Baby Names For Thursday Babies That Are Thoroughly Awesome

Isn't it fun to think back to the day your baby was born? For our daughter, I was thrilled that our doctor let us select a Monday (repeat C-section here) because we had a whole weekend to get ready for her big arrival. Every day of the week has its perks, however; and Thursday is no different. There are lots of good things that manifest in babies born on the fifth day of the week, so much so that it's worth looking at names that have special significance for babes born on Thursday if that's when your little one is due to arrive.

Derived from the Old English "Thor's Day" after the Norse god of Thunder, according to, Thursday is mostly associated with the Roman god Jupiter throughout the rest of Western civilization as characterized by Romance language's names for the fifth day of the week, like jueves in Spanish or jeudi in French. However, both gods quickly became associated with each other and Germanic languages, like English, kept the day's nod to its Norse roots. Thursday can also be considered the fourth or the fifth day of the week, depending on the cultural tradition, with Slavic and Chinese calendars starting the week on a Monday and cultures descended from Greek or Arabic traditions starting the week on Sunday.

So what can you expect from your Thursday baby? Western astrology places significance on Jupiter, the planet, as having an outsized influence on this day. Those born on Thursday tend to be jovial and infused with the expansive nature of this planet, which embodies good fortune, long-distance travel, higher education and law, according to Those born on Jupiter's day are optimistic, charismatic, natural leaders who enjoy exploring. They truly embody their description in the classic nursery rhyme: "Thursday's child has far to go." They'll never stop striving to see what's out there and inspiring others to come along for the ride.



Honor your baby's connection to the Roman pantheon with this pretty name, perfect for your little explorer.



This African name, which means "adventurous traveler" according to Nameberry, will suit your little one's bold expeditions into the unknown.



Sojourner, which means "to stay awhile" (also according to Nameberry), came onto the scene with African-American women's rights activist Sojourner Truth, a relentlessly traveling preacher. Surprisingly, she was named Isabella at her birth and changed her own appellation to this contradictory moniker.



Jupiterians have an inclination toward reverence of the divine, and Laila, which means "holy" according to Mom Junction, is perfect for girls who are constantly seeking to know what's out there.



Jove is another name for Jupiter and he is more widely recognized as King of the Gods by this moniker. Stick with this one if you want to honor your son's princely nature, as it's also more widely used, reported Nameberry.



When Jupiter figures prominently in a person's stars, they are bound to be as happy and carefree as Blythe's meaning suggests. (It means "carefree," according to Baby Name Wizard.)



Honor the good luck Jupiter has bestowed on your little one with Asher, which BabyCenter defines as "happy" or "blessed" (awww).



West Africa and its diaspora often name babies for the day they were born, and Abba, based off the Akan language, is for Jamaican baby girls born on the fifth day of the week, explained Mama Lisa's World.



Are you a Bowie fan? Give him a nod for his song "Thursday's Child" and perhaps they'll be as singularly cool as he was.



Honor your child's natural leadership abilities with this name that means "leader who defends," said Nameberry, and dates back to medieval English nobility.



Juno is Jupiter's queen and a protector of women, according to Behind the Name, so you can still honor the dynamic duo with a little girl by naming her after the god's powerful counterpart.