11 Delicious Baked Goods You Can Make Even If You Don't Have Any Eggs

Whether you're looking forward to using up those overripe bananas or you're in charge of baking a cake for your little one's birthday this weekend, realizing you're out of eggs can bring your baking plans to a screeching halt. Fortunately, there are plenty of baked goods to make without eggs to get you through until your next trip to the grocery store. Even better: most of them don't even require substitutions.

Even if you've got plenty of eggs to go around, learning to bake without them can be a fun challenge. There are loads of substitutions you can use instead, like vegetable oil, applesauce, or flax seed, per They can come in super handy if you want to make a recipe vegan or allergy-friendly, or see how they affect your favorite recipes.

So, whether you're exploring vegan recipes or you just don't want to run out to the grocery store for a fresh dozen, these egg-free goodies will get the job done. Some of these recipes are totally vegan if that's your jam. As always, just be sure to read through the recipe before you dive in to ensure you have everything you need. And don't be afraid to lick the bowl along the way.


Dark Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread

Ah, yes, a baked good classic: banana bread. If your bananas are brown enough for baking, you may also be low on eggs, so this recipe from Pickles & Honey doesn't call for any. It does add in dark chocolate and walnuts, because a little extra sweetness never hurt anyone.


Cinnamon Rolls

Whether they're for breakfast or dessert (or lunch or dinner), cinnamon rolls from Healthy Happy Life are a total crowd-pleaser. This recipe doesn't require any eggs, so they're vegan- or empty-fridge-friendly.


Vegan Lemon Muffins

These lemon muffins from Love & Lemons not only come together without an egg in sight, but they're loaded with fresh Meyer lemon flavor and chia seeds for added texture. Plus, that glaze on top looks so good.


Chocolate Chip Carrot Cookies

Carrots and chocolate aren't the most common combination, but this recipe from Love & Lemons blends the best of carrot cake ingredients with walnuts, chocolate chips, and oats to make a unique kind of cookie. Just mix up your dough, refrigerate for 30 minutes, and bake at 375 degrees.


Apple Cider Donuts

You'll need donut molds for this recipe from Pickles & Honey, but if you've got them on deck, these baked donuts seem like an easy way to satisfy a sweet tooth at home. They're dusted with cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg, so they sound well worth the effort.


Baked Jammy Overnight Oatmeal

If muffins aren't your thing but you'd like to bake something for breakfast, this baked oatmeal from Have Cake Will Travel is perfect. You combine your liquid ingredients with the oats the night before so they can absorb overnight. Add in the fruit and jam the next morning, bake for an hour, and enjoy a sweet, warm oatmeal dish with a twist.


Walnut Sticky Buns

Looking for a bun or pastry that isn't too sweet? Walnut sticky buns from Healthy Happy Life aren't doused in frosting, but they have a yummy caramelization all over from the coconut sugar.


Vegan Chocolate Cake

Nothing feels more decadent than a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It's the dessert that rules them all, and this version from Love & Lemons doesn't require any eggs. The frosting recipe here is even sweetened with sweet potato to keep things as clean as possible.


Banana Blueberry Cupcakes

Banana cake with a hint of cinnamon, and loaded with fresh blueberries — who could say no? Top it with vanilla buttercream and, well, there's no denying how delicious these cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake look. And they don't require a single egg!


Apple Pie

Making the crust and prepping the apples for a pie is a big undertaking, but there's nothing quite like a warm slice with a scoop of ice cream. This version from Naturally Ella uses no eggs, whole wheat flour for a more flavorful crust, and a dash of maple syrup for good measure.


Snickerdoodles (& Sugar Cookies)

Is there anything more comforting than a warm snickerdoodle fresh out of the oven? These just require flax seed and water to sub in for eggs. Healthy Happy Life has another recipe for eggless sugar cookies that looks delish.