11 Beauty Products Every '90s Cool Girl Used To Look Totally Fresh

Your vanity may be currently stocked with bright colored Essie nail polish and a collection of half-used BB creams, but it wasn't always so sophisticated. Think back to what you stored in your makeup bag 20 years ago. It was full of shimmer, shine, and pastel hues. Remember all of those '90s beauty products every cool girl wore in order to look like a member of the 90210 squad? Gosh, don't you miss those glittery days?

Looking back on '90s style, people usually think about the clothing — the omnipresence of flannel and Doc Martins. Occasionally, '90s hairstyles get some attention, when peoplee reminisce about the days of scrunchies and butterfly clips. But what about all of the amazing beauty trends that graced the decade, and all of the essential products that made it possible?

From makeup to perfume to nail polish, it was an unbelievably fun decade for beauty. The products were colorful, the scents delicious, and they left you feeling so unbelievably cool. Nothing felt better than whipping the right lip gloss out of your Jansport and swiping it across your lips. Ah, a simpler time. So take a trip down memory lane, and think back on the '90s beauty items you stocked up on — and that you not so secretly wish you still had.


Lip Smackers

Lip color that also tasted amazing? Talk about a win-win.



This was the official scent of *cool* back in the '90s — guy or girl, since it was unisex.


Herbal Essences Shampoo

You might still use Herbal Essences hair products, but it looked totally different in the '90s.


Bon Bons Nail Polish

Bon Bons: miniature sized nail polish bottles, perfect for stuffing in your purse. You know, for all those emergency, on-the-go manicures you needed to give yourself.



"Okay, so you're probably going, "Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?" But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl." — Cher Horowitz


Roll On Body Glitter

So you could shine like the star you are. Nothing beats makeup that you put on your arms.


Bath And Body Works Sweet Pea Everything

Few things were more exciting (and slightly nauseating) than a trip to Bath and Body Works. And once you picked your signature scent (Sweet Pea or Warm Vanilla Sugar, obviously), you could buy ever item in the collection. Lotion, bubble bath, fragrance...



When you wanted to get that natural, sun-streaked look by using a lot of chemicals. Also, brunettes know that it could leave you looking less like Clarissa and more like Kermit.


Love's Baby Soft

So you could smell like...a baby?


Hard Candy Nail Polish

A nail polish color that wasn't red or pink, and it came with a ring. That's some serious bang for your buck.


Juicy Tubes

The ultimate cool-girl testament: Juicy Tube lipgloss. It was Lancome, which meant it was so mature, and it made your lips look totally kissable. (Never mind that your hair got plastered to your mouth after applying; it was totally worth it.)

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