These Beach Toys For Toddlers Will Keep Your Kids Entertained All Summer Long

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Beach season is upon us, which means it's time to get out all those sand toys from last year. If you're taking inventory of last year's beach accessories, there's a few must-haves you need to add to your list. Maybe you're in need of some new toys because some are worn and need to be replaced, or maybe your little baby from last summer isn't such a little baby anymore. (Where does the time go?) So here are some beach toys for toddlers that will keep them growing and learning all summer long.

There is no doubt about it — summer beach vacations are the best. I mean, really, kids just love the beach. It's one of the only places where kids go and legitimately keep themselves entertained for hours, easily. But did you know that sand play is also really great as a developmental tool for young children? Unstructured play at the beach can actually help in developing your child's fine motor skills, as well as their sensory development. According to an article on Pathways, a not-for-profit organization offering free child development information, "Allowing your child to play in the sand by themselves and with others helps them to develop fine motor skills like those necessary to use a small shovel, pull a truck, and build a castle or moat. By burying themselves in sand, and feeling their body position within the sand, children are engaging their proprioceptive sense, or the sense of their body relative to space." So, keeping hours of fun and education in mind, check out these 11 best toddler beach toys for your young child's developing brain.


18-Piece Sand Toy Beach Set

Amazon seriously has everything, including awesome beach toys. Check out this 18-piece sand toy set that comes with literally everything your little one needs for hours of entertaining play.


Bubbles That Won't Spill

Toddlers love bubbles, but they also love to spill bubbles. Check out these non-spill bubbles (thank you, whoever invented this) perfect for a day at the beach. Because popping bubbles is just so dang fun. They even come in different colors so you can pick your little one's favorite (we all know how particular toddlers can be).


Little Fishing Toy For Your Little Fish

Check out this cute little magnetic fishing game! It's perfect for sand play or in water that doesn't have crazy waves to carry them away. Your little one will have so much fun fishing for hours with these happy little sea creatures.


Dump Trucks

Add some dump trucks to your sand toy collection for some fun imaginative play that your toddler will enjoy. Your child can build a sand castle and create their own construction site while learning about sand and water textures.



There's something mesmerizing about watching sand and water flow and take on different shapes. Check out this hour glass, where kids can add as much sand or water as they want and watch how it moves from one end to the other.


Interactive Funnel Tower

Your toddler will love pouring sand and water onto this multi-level funnel tower and watch it pour, sift, and spin all the way down to the bottom.


Early Development Sand Toys

These sand toys are designed with the developing toddler brain in mind. Not only are they the perfect size for little hands, which makes them easier to use, but it includes a carousel water wheel and rake for lots more tactile play options.


'Paw Patrol' Water Blaster

Your little one will love cooling off with this Paw Patrol water sprayer. Just fill up with base with water and pump it through the handheld sprayer for a refreshing cool-down during a long beach day.


Beach Balls

Check out this adorable unicorn beach ball! It's perfect for your little unicorn lover. Just blow it up and watch your toddler spend the whole day throwing and chasing the whole day away.


Mommy & Me Float

Spend the day cooling off in the water while making face-to-face time with your toddler. This float is big enough for you and your little one and the best part is, your toddler will have a blast with you while being covered from the sun.


Flamingo Float With Removable Canopy

It's hard to resist this cute little flamingo float, perfect for your toddler to enjoy with you for hours at the beach.

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