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11 Best Sex Positions After The 6 Week Wait

Whether you've had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, your doctor probably issued you a six week wait at your first postpartum check-up. Usually that means no exercise, no lifting anything heavier than your baby, and definitely no sex. Having a newborn in the house doesn't exactly scream romance anyway, but eventually you're going to want to know the best sex positions after the six week wait, right? That's a long time to go without sex, especially after all the things that has happened to your body in the past nine months. You're probably starting to feel like yourself after the six week wait and you might be ready to get intimate again with your partner. (Totally OK if you want to keep waiting, too. I mean, six weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things.)

The important thing to remember is that sex may take some time and getting used to once those six weeks are over. Big things have happened, and it's normal to be hesitant or worried about it. If you're fretting over the type of delivery you're having and how it could affect your return to postpartum sex, don't. One study found that there were no significant differences between the type of delivery you have and its effects on your sexual arousal, desire, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, or pain.

But that doesn't mean you aren't nervous. So to ease back into your sex life after that six week wait, here are 11 of the best sex positions so you and your partner can enjoy each other without too much worry. (Don't worry, you don't need much more direction — you didn't forget how to have sex in six weeks.)


Girl On Top

It's an oldie, but a goodie, especially when you may be feeling nervous or apprehensive about getting back in the saddle. According to Bustle, not only is girl on top a great position to achieve an orgasm in, but it also gives you control of the intensity and speed during sex.



Your Tango noted that spooning is intimate, it doesn't put a lot of pressure on your C-section scar (if that's applicable to you), and it can be incredibly sexy. Plus, being on your side is a nice, easy, and relaxing way to enjoy sex.


Sexy Scissors

It sounds super fancy, but according to Cosmopolitan, the sexy scissors position can definitely bring you to climax with its simple move. Lay down on a table or bed with your legs up at a 90 degree angle. Your partner stands in front of you and is able to cross your legs or open them wide, mimicking the opening and closing of scissors, so that you can enjoy a deep thrust or feel more open. Either way, this position is a lot of fun after the six week wait when you're more than ready to get intimate, but you still want to see how you feel about other positions. It's like a really hot upgrade from missionary without any painful contorting.


Doggy Style

I don't know about you, but doggy style doesn't ever last too long since your partner probably can't handle how hot you look. Keep this one in the repertoire after the six week wait so you can have some hot sex and then get back to sleep. (Trust me, you'll want both.)


Time Bomb

This one sounds complicated, I know, but the time bomb sex position from Cosmopolitan is worth figuring it out. If you're not quite ready to be fully exposed on top or on bottom, this modified girl on top position might be just what you need. With your partner sitting in a low chair, put your legs on either side of the chair and bend your knees so you can lower yourself down on top of them, bearing your weight on their thighs. It's incredibly intimate with lots of upper body contact, but it also gives you the stability you need after a six week wait.



It's standard, but you know what? It works. Not only can missionary be incredibly intimate, it's also an easy way to get back into sex and can take the pressure off of you. You can see how much you can take, if you need to raise your hips to enjoy penetration, or if you're ready at all for sex.


Leg Lock

Need a quickie after that six week wait? Try the leg lock sex position from Cosmopolitan. Sit on a surface, like the kitchen countertop, and have your partner stand in front of you so they can thrust with your legs open wide. You'll cum quickly, but you also don't have to do a whole lot of work. Total win.


The Cross

Hey, sometimes you're not going to have the energy, but you know you want sex. That's why you need to try the cross position. According to Bustle, the cross position requires your partner to lay on their side, perpendicular to you, so you can lay on your back and press your body against them. They can use your thighs for leverage to thrust, but the beauty of this position is there's also not much motion, so you can see how it feels before trying more advanced positions. There's also no weight bearing on you which is a major plus.


Sitting Up

It doesn't get much more intimate than sitting in your partner's lap for sex. Bustle noted that the sitting up position requires your partner to sit cross legged so you can lower yourself down and wrap your arms and legs around them, too. It is deliciously romantic, with lots of ways to kiss and touch each other, but also gives you the freedom to grind or bounce and figure out what you prefer after such a long time without it.


The Spider Web

For many women, the thrusting sounds like the worst part of postpartum sex. But the spider web position from Cosmopolitan focuses on grinding instead, which can be a much more enjoyable experience after a six week wait. Laying on your sides and facing each other, scissor your legs through your partner's so you're both incredibly close and they can grind against your body and clitoris. Super hot, super easy, and (hopefully) no pain.


Missionary With A Pillow

You can always break out the old stand-by, too. Grab a pillow or two, shove it under your hips, and let your partner rock your world. This position gives you everything you love about missionary, but Bustle noted that it also keeps your back and hips from hurting, as well as making it less tight for your partner and hopefully more comfortable for you, especially if you've had stitches. Extra bonus — no pressure on your abdomen.