11 Carolina Panthers-Themed Manicures To Get You Ready For Super Bowl 50

Decking yourself out in your team colors is nothing new when it comes to sports. We've all done a little face painting and donned our favorite jerseys, but with Super Bowl 50 almost here, it's time to take the looks up a notch. For Cam Newton fans, that means wearing black and blue, temporary Panthers tattoos, and creating the perfect Carolina Panthers-themed manicure for the big game.

There's just something really thrilling about the way a town or group pulls together to represent a team. It sounds laughable, but when you're rooting for the same quarterback, the same coach, and the same city, you create a bond with your fellow fans. I can't tell you how many times I've been in the stands of a game, and high-fived or hugged total strangers as our favorite team pulled off some massive win. I don't even think you have to be much of a sports fan to get the appeal, or the goosebumps when an entire fan base is going nuts for one team. Team spirit is very real, very alive, and is so much fun.

So for you Carolina Panthers fans, let your spirit show itself in your nails. These 11 Carolina Panthers-themed manicures range from the extremely detailed to the more subtle designs, but all of them are perfect to don on Super Bowl Sunday and dab your little heart out. Keep pounding.


Black And Blue

Want to rep your Panthers, but still need an appropriate nail design for work? That's why this manicure is here. With just a simple panther claw mark design on the thumb and the team's colors, you can keep it classy and festive.



Look at those perfect Panther faces! I love the black base on these nails with just a bit of blue design to keep them looking chic.


Flirty And Festive

If you're looking for a nail design that will carry you from Super Bowl 50 to Valentine's Day, this manicure is right on target. With the Panthers colors and the sweet little hearts, it doesn't scream football, but you're definitely in the team spirit.


Mod Squad

If you're not into panther decals, this modern, geometric take on Carolina's colors may be just what you're after. I love the clean lines and pops of color that are totally Panthers-inspired without including tiny footballs.


Simply Panthers

I love how simple of a design this is, yet still totally ready for the Super Bowl.


Glitters Like Teen Spirit

I seriously can not get over how gorgeous these nails are. Such a fun way to show off your team spirit with sparkly Carolina colors and a great, chic black.


For The Glam Fan

These nails are totally glam and perfect for a night out before the game and a Sunday wearing your Cam jersey. The rhinestones are too perfect, and it's a really pretty way to rep your Panthers.


Clean And Classic

Repping those Carolina colors never looked so classy. This is a great mani to rock at school or work, and its totally practical.


Dab Nation

Three different styles of nails are totally cohesive in this manicure. Your dab will never look so good as it does with these nails.


Keep Pounding Paws

You can definitely push your Panthers to #keeppounding with this sweet paw print design on your nails. And that black polish has just the right about of sparkle to really make the manicure look fun and flirty.


Nails To Make Cam Proud

You can bling out your nails and rep Cam with this beautiful manicure. I think Newton's number may be my favorite part, but that paw print and the different patterns on each nail are pretty sweet, too.