11 Companies That Will Hire You To Work From Home, Because Pants Are Overrated

There's something very tempting about the idea of working in your pajamas and not having to face a traffic-ridden commute to get to an office. Practically everyone these days is set up with a smart phone, email, Wi-Fi, laptop, printer, and apps that make normal office essentials (like scanning and file-organizing) possible to do anywhere, making working from home easier than ever. Many women are able to tackle their pre-baby jobs from the comfort and convenience of their own home, but for those who can't, there are many companies that hire work from home employees.

Whether your skills are in writing, assisting, or sales, there are plenty of work from home job opportunities out there. When my daughter was born, I had been working in international television. She was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery and I realized I wasn't going to want to spend my work life traveling around the world anymore. After leaving that job, I occupied my time volunteering, freelance writing, and working on a novel for many years but wanted something that produced a more reliable income. Searching on Idealist, a website that advertises non-profit jobs, I was able to find an opportunity that combined the professional skills I had acquired from my career with the lessons I learned from from many years of volunteering at my kids' schools and in our community. Best of all, I could do it from the convenience of my own home and didn't have to worry about snow days or sick kids keeping me from the office. The organization was staffed by five other women — all professionally accomplished, intelligent, and open to the the flexible work arrangement.

Of course working from home full time also has it's downside, one of which is that you're probably not moving around as much as you would in an office environment. Studies have shown the hazards of sitting for long periods of time. To combat the long term risks of spending endless hours seated in front of a computer, I added a treadmill desk to my home office and love it.

This is what my current set up looks like:

Mat Maurer

If you're interested in finding a job opportunity that hires employees to work remotely from their own home, here's a list of businesses to start your research. And if none of these brand look interesting to you, be proactive and reaching out to your favorite websites, brands, or local companies to see if they can use remote employees in any capacity, from writing, to designing, to customer service.


Stitch Fix

Are you the person all your friends beg to go shopping with them? Stitch Fix has created a new way to shop. Customers fill out basic questionnaires (size, style preference, etc.), and a Stitch Fix pairs them with a stylist who curates a box of five items to send to the customer, which they can either purchase or return. If you've got a great sense of style and shopping is your passion, Stitch Fix is looking for stylists who can assist clients from their own home computer.


Mod Squad

Here's another great way to use the skills you've acquired hanging out on social media. Mod Squad is a company that focuses on assisting brands wth their online presence. They offer these brands with services in the social media, customer service, sales domains, and more.


Time Etc.

Being a mom sometimes feels like you're coordinating other people's schedules and keeping track of paperwork 95 percent of the time. If you're organized and love helping people, why not sign up to do it for someone and actually get paid for it? Time Etc. hires virtual personal assistants who can assist professionals with their professional and personal tasks. You can set your own hours and get paid hourly.



You're fluent in other languages, but the only time you got to use your French was when you studied abroad in Paris, or you only break out in Spanish when ordering chimichangas. You can turn your bilingual tongue into a money maker by signing up to be a translator on Gengo.


Airlines and Travel Agencies

Plan other people's vacations but get some great perks for yours, too. Travel Leaders Group is one travel agency that hires at-home travel specialists. If you're partial to any airline or cruise company, some that hire work from home agents include there are some that hire agents include Alaska, American, Jet Blue, Carnival, Holland America, and Norwegian). Plus, most of these companies offer travel benefits that will come in handy when your family gets the itch to go somewhere fun over spring break.



Do you find yourself wandering around the internet, sometimes losing hours to it? Take that interest and use it to earn some money. Leapforce has an at home workforce of search engine analysts. They are seeking educated, internet savvy applicants who are self-motivated and can work from home.



Fancy yourself an academic? The college application process is more complicated than ever these days. Synocate is designed for high school students who are applying to college, or in the planning phase. Students can opt for long term counseling, starting in ninth grade, or short-term help if the deadline is just around the corner. Online counselors are needed to assist these students.



Speaking of college, one of the biggest parts of the application process is the tests. With universities putting so much emphasis on those scores, students are hungry for help and many turn to online SAT and ACT tutoring programs. Wyzant is looking for SAT and academic subject tutors. Teaching experience is necessary to apply.



For all you former (or current) teachers, you too can use your skills and earn some money from home. Brainfuse is looking for tutors to support its online learning program that caters children and adults. They're interested in those who already have teaching or tutoring experience.



Some corporations have realized that to hire and obtain some of the best employees, they need to be flexible with their work from home policies. Aetna is a healthcare insurance company that has many remote employees, plus nursing positions that do require a bit of reimbursed travel in addition to the administrative tasks they'll need to complete at home.


United Health Group

Here's another health care provider that according to their website is "committed to introducing innovative approaches, products and services that can improve personal health and promote healthier populations in local communities." They are seeking a wide range of telecommuting employees in all aspects of healthcare and healthcare management.

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