11 "Compliments" About Your Maternity Wardrobe That Are Actually Insults

When you become pregnant, things seem less and less under your control. There is also, understandably, a huge shift from you — the person, to you — the vessel for growing human life. One of the few things that you can feel in charge of that still focuses on maintaining your own identity is how you choose to dress. Pregnancy clothing has come a long way since your grandma's time, but it can still be a daunting task. What makes matters worse is when you get compliments about your maternity wardrobe that are actually insults.

As if your raging and ever-changing hormones don't already have you questioning every single decision you make throughout your pregnancy, it certainly doesn't help when you're left trying to decipher the intention behind the conversation you just had with your frenemy. But let's be honest. Even the most well-meaning individuals, like your great aunt or your mom's friend from work, can put their collective feet in their mouths in a major way when it comes to "complimenting" your wardrobe.

Of course you're aware that the size and shape of your body is changing as your baby continues to grow inside you, but you don't necessarily always want to be reminded how large your belly has gotten. So check out these compliments about your maternity wardrobe that are actually insults and see if any ring a bell.


"That hides your pregnancy so well!"

Though comfy sweaters and empire-waist dresses are great clothing pieces since they can grow with you through all three trimesters, some people just love to imply that you're actually trying to hide your pregnant body under that cable-knit jumper.


"You know, you wouldn't look so big if you didn't wear such tight shirts."

This was an actual "compliment" I got from a customer at my job. Look, some people just like showing off their baby bump and others (like me) just aren't ready to say goodbye yet to their favorite pre-pregnancy clothes. So y'all can chill on policing maternity wardrobe choices.


"Do they even make maternity clothes in your size?"

Again, another one I received in real life. Though I think this person was trying to compliment me by making reference to my petite stature, it still comes off as vaguely insulting. Why can't people just say, "you look great" and leave it at that?


"Are you sure you should be wearing heels?"

Unless you're practicing a routine involving fire, a blindfold, and stilts, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine in whatever shoes you want to wear.


"You really shouldn't wear horizontal stripes."

A lot of insults are cleverly disguised as either advice or compliments. Yet people need to understand that "looking too wide" isn't even a bad thing, pregnant or not. So go ahead, girl, wear all the stripes you want.


"Wow! You're in maternity clothes already?"

I'm sorry, is there an official starting date to when a person is allowed to begin wearing pregnancy clothing? Oh, right, there's not.


"I wish I had your confidence. You'll wear anything!"

Perhaps this person is jealous of your style or is actually trying to compliment you, but this just comes off like they're implying your pregnancy wardrobe is too risque or unconventional.


"Let me take you shopping."

On one hand, maybe this is a genuine and generous offer. But more than likely, it's because they think that they need to help you because your current wardrobe could use some improvement.


"Good thing those pants are elastic, huh?"

I got this one during the holiday season when even non-pregnant people are known to eat more than any other time of the year. But for some reason, people get feeling the need to point out that I must be packing on the pounds at an alarming rate.


"It must be nice not having to worry about fashion anymore."

Right. So all pregnant women become hideous monsters if they don't look like models every second of they day? False.


"Aren't those the pants you wore when you were pregnant?"

Why, yes, yes they are. Contrary to movies and TV, a woman does not instantly go back to her pre-pregnancy size as soon as she gives birth. In fact, my doctor told me that most women, after delivery, measure the same as they did at five months. So rock the hell out of those maternity clothes, mama!