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11 Creative Halloween Costumes For Babies That Go Beyond A Pumpkin

Halloween is fun, but every year I feel the pressure to come up with some show stopping costume. Eventually, it gets to be too much and instead of dressing up, I slap some devil horns on my head and call it good. But I've been determined not to let Halloween for my kid get as overwhelming, especially when there are so many creative Halloween costumes for babies.

The thing about babies is they have no idea what's going on. Which is equal parts awesome and frustrating. You want to throw your all into their first Halloween, but you also know that they can't even trick or treat or eat any candy and they don't care if they dress up as a pumpkin or a princess. But the awesome part is that you don't have to search for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume on October 30 because, again, your kid has no idea what's going on.

So use those baby days to your advantage with these 11 creative Halloween costumes for babies. They either play up a skill your baby has just learned (like knocking everything off the coffee table in one move) or the transportation your baby will be in Halloween night, whether it's a stroller or a baby carrier. (Also, they are super easy and budget-friendly. You're welcome.)



OK, so your baby may not be moving very much yet, but it's time you play off those go-go-gadget arms they seem to have that are capable of swiping everything off a table. Goodbye coffee. Baby octopus is here.

You'll need a onesie ($9), a pair of baby shorts or bloomers ($8), eight tube socks ($6), some stuffing ($3), a purple beanie ($2), a bag of pom poms ($9), and some craft essentials like a needle and thread and fabric glue. Take six of the socks and fill them with stuffing, then sew two on one side of the shorts, two on the back, and two on the other side. Try to sew them close to the waistband if possible. Use fabric glue to adhere pom poms along each stuffed sock as if they were the suction cups to a tentacle. Dress your baby in the shorts and pull the other two tube socks on their legs. Put the beanie on their head, and you have an adorable octopus.



Worried your baby won't stop screaming long enough to enjoy the festivities? You can play it off like they're just really getting into character as a Mandrake from Harry Potter. Bonus? You can wear earmuffs and no one can say anything.

This is a really fun and simple costume to put together. If you have a baby carrier, wrap it in some brown fabric (or wear a brown sling), so that it resembles a flower pot. Dress your baby in a tan or brown onesie ($9), matching leggings ($3), and a brown beanie ($3) with some fake leaves ($4) glued to the top. Now you have a baby Mandrake. Watch everyone faint at the cuteness. (Or the loud screaming. It's hard to tell what's really happening there.)



Even the littlest baby can trick or treat when you dress them as everyone's favorite meal — a burrito. You'll need to grab some felt ($11) and use different colors to cut out your favorite toppings — bits of red for pico de gallo, tan pieces for chicken, brown pieces for black beans, long green shreds for lettuce. You get the idea. Then, attach all of those to the white onesie ($9) in rows, like a long row of green, a long row of red, a long row of black to resemble the assembly of a burrito. Make sure to have some at the top of the onesie so they can be seen peeking out of the tan swaddle ($12) which will act as a tortilla. Put a green beanie ($1) on your baby's head (guac is extra) and you're done. Your baby is literally cute enough to eat. (And will also sleep soundly in that nice swaddle.)



Another awesome costume to make when you're using a baby carrier? Turn your sweet babe into a little flower. You'll need a long sleeve green onesie ($9), green leggings ($9), a green hat ($1), and felt ($11) in a color you love for the petals. Cut out some pretty large petals and sew them all together at the bottom so they make a crown. Attach it to the hat (I'm always wary about tying things under a baby's neck, which is why I suggest this route), and you have a sweet flower hat. Dress your baby in all the green, put on the hat, and put them in your carrier. If you have some brown felt, turn your carrier into a flower pot, otherwise, you can act like you're holding a beautiful stemmed flower. (You totally are.)



Ever noticed how much you talk to your baby despite them never talking back? You're a lot like Tom Hanks in Castaway talking to Wilson, aren't you? Bring Wilson to life with your baby's Halloween costume. You'll need to dress them in clothes under the costume as this one's going to be a bit baggier than usual. Pick up a white zip-up footed pajamas ($18) in about two sizes larger than what your baby usually wears. Use red fabric paint ($6) to create Wilson's face on the center of the suit and once it's on, use some stuffing to pad the suit a bit so that it looks fuller, but isn't uncomfortable for your baby. Hilarious, creative, and easy.


Cabbage Patch Doll

There are few things cuter than a Cabbage Patch Doll unless you're dressing your baby up as one. This is the perfect way to use that stroller as part of your infant's costume. You'll need a large enough piece of cardboard to make the front of a Cabbage Patch Doll box. Make sure it's big enough to cover your stroller and make a hole in the center so you have a large frame that you can see your baby through as they sit. Follow the design of a Cabbage Patch Doll box and attach it to the front of the stroller. Using yarn ($2) in a hair color like brown, black, blonde, or red, cut the perfect Cabbage Patch Doll "wig" by creating pig tails or braids. Secure the braids with two bows and then dress your baby in a cute outfit ($17) of your choice. Instant Cabbage Patch Doll and super cute.



For another super easy and clever costume, you'll need a large piece of red and white striped fabric ($5), a white baby gown ($6), a white hat ($1), and a fake popcorn garland ($14). Cut the fabric into a piece long enough to cover your baby's stroller or your own baby carrier if you're wearing your baby. Using a black fabric marker, write "POPCORN" across the center, mimicking the traditional popcorn bags. Cut up the popcorn garland into smaller strips and bunches of fake popcorn and glue them to the top of the white hat. Dress your baby in the gown and hat and slide them into the carrier or stroller with the fabric. Now your baby is an adorable bag of popcorn.


Maggie From 'The Simpsons'

The most famous baby on television deserves some recognition, right? Your baby can be comfy and cozy in their own clothes, but still dressed for Halloween as Maggie from The Simpsons. You'll need a blue gown ($9), a blue bow ($1), a red pacifier ($9), a yellow hat ($2), and some yellow felt ($5). Cut the felt into large spikes, just like Maggie's hair, and attach to the yellow hat. Then, just dress your baby. Bonus points — you can trick or treat with a beer and a doughnut and go as Homer.


Golden Snitch

Having a baby feels downright lucky some days, doesn't it? And aren't you shocked at how you just seem to be a mother all of a sudden? Your baby is basically a golden snitch, so dress them accordingly. You'll need a big gold tutu ($20), a metallic dress ($31), a gold hat ($13), and some white felt ($5) to construct the perfect snitch wings. Cut the felt into the wing shape and attach them to the back of the tunic. Use the large tutu to either wrap around your little one twice or pin in the front to give a lot of volume. Top it off with the gold hat and you're ready to go. Don't forget to dress like a quidditch all-star. (So basically dress like Ginny Weasley.)



Babies are known for how cute they are and how horrendous they smell after a foul diaper. Time to channel that pro and con in the form of a costume — a skunk. Your sweet little one will need a black hooded sweatshirt ($10), black pants ($10), stuffing ($4), white faux fur ($12), and black felt ($3). Cut the black felt into shapes for ears and a tail. Stuff the tail and then attach it to the black pants. Attach the ears to the top of the hoodie. Cut a long stripe of the white faux fur to go from the top of the hood to the bottom of the tail like a skunk stripe. You can also cut some fur to go on the front of the sweatshirt like a skunk's belly. Add a little black nose with some eyeliner and presto, your little skunk is ready.


A Selfie

Millennial babies unite. It's time to get real creative with that stroller. All you need is a big sheet of cardboard cut into the shape of an iPhone. Cut out the center so that it becomes a frame that can be attached to your stroller so you can see your baby through the hole. Decorate the cardboard so it looks like an iPhone, complete with home button, and your stroller is finished. Now you just need to dress your baby in a cute outfit ($6) and some puppy dog ears ($7) for the perfect selfie.