11 Creative Ways To Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

by Lauren Schumacker

You just found out that you're pregnant — congratulations! Now it's time to figure out how you'll get to share the exciting, life-changing news with your partner, friends, and extended family. You want to come up with something more original than just saying, "I'm pregnant," but it can be difficult to figure out where you should even start. Trying to come up with creative ways to tell your partner you're pregnant may feel like a daunting task, but it really doesn't have to be. However you choose to tell your partner that both of your lives are about to change (for the better, of course) will, undoubtedly, be exactly the perfect way for the moment to play out.

Whether you opt for something low-key or go way over-the-top planning out an elaborate and truly surprising announcement, there's typically some sort of thought and effort that goes in to pulling it off. If you and your partner are married and you were the one who did the proposing, you get a second chance at a wonderful surprise. If they proposed to you, however, it's your turn to give them a bit of a shock. No matter what you choose to do, if you put a tiny bit of effort in to make your surprise creative, it'll just make that moment all the more memorable.


Give Them A Custom Fortune Cookie

Make a special dessert to break the happy news to your partner. You can either make your fortune cookies from scratch at home (where, of course, you can put whatever you want on the fortunes you'll add) or order specially-made fortune cookies and leave the hard work to the professionals. Momtastic suggested that you order food in and surreptitiously slip your own customized, news-breaking fortune cookie in with the rest.


Say It With Coffee

Pregnancy announcement mug, $15, Etsy

Bring your partner coffee (and maybe breakfast too) in bed or set it up in the kitchen or out in the yard. Fill their mug with coffee or tea and let them drink it all up to find out that they're going to be a parent. Surprise.


Let Your Pet Spill The Beans

According to a pregnancy announcement thread on the Baby Center website, one woman taught their dog a new trick to announce her pregnancy. She asked the dog where the baby was and they touched her torso with their paw. Another way to get your family pet involved is to attach a little sign or note to their collar making their announcement and letting your partner simply find it and read it for themselves.


Get Yourself A Mother's Day Gift

If you find out that you're pregnant near Mother's Day, though this could work for some other holidays as well, wrap yourself a present and show it to your partner. According to the previously-mentioned pregnancy announcement thread on the Baby Center website, one woman wrapped up her positive pregnancy test, showed it to her partner, and let him open it. Talk about an unexpected surprise.


Buy Your Partner A Book

If you're looking for a creative way to tell your partner that you're pregnant, one way to do so is to buy them a book. If you'd like, you could wrap it up like a present, but otherwise, you could just give it to them. A parenting book spells it out pretty obviously, but you could also get yours (or their) favorite book as a kid for a more nuanced, subtle way to spill the beans.


Stock Up On Some Diapers

Once you find out you're pregnant, go pick up a package of newborn diapers. There are lots of ways that you can tell your partner that you're pregnant using diapers. Let them find the diapers or unpack them when you bring them home from the store or, as Mom Junction recommended, clear out some space in one of their drawers or on one of their shelves and store the diapers there. It might take them a minute to put it all together, but eventually they will.


Share The News During A Picture Session

Make an appointment (or just a plan) for the two of you to get pictures taken or have a friend or family member agree to snap one (or just set a timer). Instead of saying "cheese," suggest that you say "we're pregnant." You can also opt to simply tell your partner right before the photo's taken. You'll get to shock your partner and have a photograph of their reaction that you can hang onto forever — and show your baby one day.


Let Dessert Do The Talking

Pregnancy reveal coffee spoon, $17, Etsy

Serve pudding or ice cream for dessert and give them this spoon with which to eat it. Or make soup for dinner and set this spoon on the table alongside their bowl. They may not notice right away (do you look at your spoon before you eat?), but it'll be a special moment when they finally do.


Spell It Out

Personalized pregnancy announcement jigsaw puzzle, $24, Etsy

Give your partner this jigsaw puzzle in order to reveal that you're pregnant. They probably won't mentally put it all together until they, well, actually put it all together, which will make the moment all the more fun. Don't worry, it's an easy puzzle. You won't have to keep the secret much longer.


Let Your Partner "Find" The Test


One Motherly reader said that she left her positive (though she didn't know it yet) pregnancy test on the bathroom counter for her partner to find. Even if you can't hold off looking at it like she did, casually leaving it out so your partner just happen upon it is a low-effort, yet still fun and surprising way to let your partner in on the secret.


Recreate How You Two Got Engaged

If the two of you are married and they proposed to you, this is your chance to take charge. According to She Knows, one creative way that you can tell your partner that you're pregnant is to recreate the way that they proposed to you, but by giving them the positive pregnancy test rather than a ring. All the happy tears.

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