11 Denver Broncos-Themed Super Bowl Recipes That'll Get The True Fans Cheering

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and the anticipation hangs thick in the air. If you're a Denver Broncos fan, you definitely haven't stopped celebrating their win against the New England Patriots and you're most likely looking for any and every excuse to make this year's Super Bowl party as epic as possible. The good news is, among the sea of Broncos fans, there are some true culinary experts who have turned their team spirit into delicious Denver Broncos-themed Super Bowl recipes to share with those of us who lack their creative genius.

This recipe round up has everything you need to ensure that your Super Bowl party is a success, with everything from main dishes that Manning himself would eat up of to festive and fun kid-friendly treats to not-so-kid-friendly orange and blue drinks.

So whether you're hosting the Super Bowl shindig of a lifetime or are just having a small group of friends and family together, these Denver Broncos-themed recipes will definitely take the pressure off and allow you to enjoy the real reason we all gather together on that fateful Sunday— to watch the Broncos take down the Panthers. Er, I mean, watch a friendly game of football.


Spicy Orange Chicken Wings

If you need something with a little kick to it, these spicy orange chicken wings from Lets Dish will hit the spot.


Queso Blanco Dip

This queso blanco dip from Let's Dish Recipes is a classic game day treat with a simple trick- swap out the regular tortilla chips for blue ones.


Football Cupcakes

Just grab some orange and blue food coloring and these football cupcakes from Cookies and Cups will be cheering on your team from the table.


Chipotle Copy Cat Guacamole

Since fast-casual mega chain Chipotle got it's start in Denver, it's only appropriate to include a killer guac recipe in your game day spread. This one from A Spicy Perspective is as close the Chipotle status as you can get.


Chipotle Orange Pork Tacos

What would pair better with your fresh guacamole than these orange pork tacos from Buget Bytes? Nothing, I say.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs

Add a touch of classiness to your Super Bowl party with these chocolate covered strawberry footballs from Domestic Fits


Candied Bacon Maple Cheddar Sliders

As the alleged home of the cheeseburger, Denver has quite the line up of burger joints. Try these candied bacon cheddar sliders from Cookies and Cups for a mouth-watering tribute to this tasty dish.


Fried Oyster Sliders

Colorado is also home to the delicious Rocky Mountain oysters. So if you're feeling adventurous, combine two Colorado-staples into a delicious dish with these fried oyster sliders from A Cozy Kitchen.


Spicy Green Chili

Another staple of Denver foodie culture is it's authentic green chile. This spicy green chili recipe from the Crepes of Wrath uses hatch chilies and will heat things up in a hurry.


Cheesy Beer Dip

It's no secret that Denver and the front range is famous for a number of micro-breweries. Though we can't teach you how to brew your own beer, we can give you this recipe for cheesy beer dip from Family Fresh Meals, and that's kind of the same thing.


Football Team Colors Candy Cookies

If you have enough patience and a bag of M&M's these chocolate candy cookies from Inside Bru Crew Life would make the perfect orange and blue dessert.