11 Lazy Mommy & Me Halloween Costumes That Looks Awesome But Require Minimal Effort

Group costumes can make Halloween celebrations especially entertaining, especially when your group consists of you and your little ones. If this sounds like fun for your family, then there are plenty of ways to do group costumes with your kids without putting in a ton of effort. These easy mommy and me Halloween costumes are certain to spark your imagination.

If you and your kids are planning to hit the streets in costumes this year, you'll probably be in good company. An estimated 41 million children went trick-or-treating in 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And if you consider all the parents and guardians that accompanied these kids, that's a ton of trick-or-treaters each year.

A mommy and me costume is one brilliant way to set your family apart. The effort required to dress in a unified way might even score your kids some extra candy from the neighbors. I mean, who wouldn't want a mamma bear and her adorable cub to show up at their door? Plus, the matching costumes might make it easier to find your kid in the crowd. If you're going as the family dressed as spiders, then your eight-legged kiddos will stand out from the crowd. Whatever costumes you choose, hopefully you and your family will have a hauntingly wonderful Halloween.


Wicked Witch & Flying Monkeys

Wicked Witch Costume, $40, Amazon | Flying Monkey Costume, $28, Amazon

You and your kid can team up as some of the scariest characters in film history. First, you get to wear the striking Wicked Witch of the West costume. Then, outfit your kid with the flying monkey costume, which is officially licensed and slightly terrifying. Hopefully, you'll run into some child dressed as Dorothy while out trick-or-treating.


Mama Bear & Cub

Brown Bear Costume, $45, Amazon | Child's Bear Costume, $94, Etsy

Don't mess with mamma bear. Put on a brown bear costume to feel super protective. Then put your cub in a child's bear costume. Now, go prowl the neighborhood for candy.


Diver & Octopus

Diver and Octopus Costume, $40, Amazon

This two-in-one costume is perfect for parents of infants. The diver and octopus costume is fitting for any family who loves the ocean. Who knew such adorable creatures lurked beneath the waves?


Ghostbuster & Stay Puft Man

Ghostbuster Costume, $28, Walmart | Stay Puft Costume, $24, Amazon

Who you gonna call this Halloween? First, hop in the deluxe Ghostbuster adult Halloween costume. Next, drop your tot in an adorable Stay Puft costume. Now your family is transformed into '80s icons.


Pumpkin Patch

Infant Pumpkin Costume, $12, Amazon | Inflatable Pumpkin Costume, $24, Amazon | Pumpkin Pie Costume, $14, Amazon

This Halloween classic is always appropriate for the season. Your kid can wear an infant pumpkin costume or a silly inflatable pumpkin costume. Meanwhile, you can rock the pumpkin pie costume, complete with flowing tendrils. Your family will have the cutest pumpkins in the patch.


Nutella & Toast

Kid's Nutella Costume, $60, Etsy | Toast Costume T-Shirt, $17, Amazon | Nutella Cap, $8, Amazon

Dress as everyone's favorite spread. Pop your tot in a kid's Nutella costume. Put on a toast costume t-shirt and you're done. To go a little extra, wear a cute Nutella cap.


Butterfly & Caterpillar

Butterfly Wings Shawl, $9, Amazon | Butterfly Wings Costume, $14, Amazon | Baby Caterpillar Costume, $42, Etsy

Channel the insect world for your costumes this year. Wear a gorgeous butterfly wings shawl, then dress your kid in a rainbow butterfly wings costume. If you have an infant in tow, then a cuddly baby caterpillar costume will complete your family's metamorphosis.


Tea Time

Adult Teapot Costume, $140, Amazon | Cool Tea Shirt, $20, Amazon | Child's Teacup Costume, $75, Etsy | Spill the Tea Shirt, $20, Zazzle | Fun Teacup Headband, $7, Etsy

If you and your family are tea addicts, then this costume duo is perfection. The adult teapot costume is one option, or you could snag a cool tea shirt for a simpler vibe. Your kid could rock the child's teacup costume or a spill the tea shirt. (The shirt is available in infant to adult sizes.) Either of you could wear a fun teacup headband to complete the look.


Candy Dish

Candy Corn Costume, $39, Target | Candy Corn Suit, $28, Amazon

Candy is the real star of Halloween, so why not use it for costume inspiration? A candy corn costume for you and a matching candy corn suit for the little one would be cute. But there are loads of candy costumes around, so pick your own favorites.


Mother Of Dragons

Mother of Dragons Shirt, $18, Etsy | Braided Blonde Wig, $16, Amazon | Infant Dragon Costume, $72, Halloween Express | Red Dragon Costume, $37, Amazon

Even if your kids are too young for Game of Thrones, you can still wear a costume fit for Westeros. Get a mother of dragons shirt and a braided blonde wig. Depending on your kids' ages, an infant dragon costume or a red dragon costume will complete the ensemble.


Spider & Web

Web Poncho, $16, Amazon | Hat, $30, Etsy | Spider Costume, $30, Halloween Express

You'll be the cutest creepy-crawlies on Halloween. Grab a cool silver spider web poncho and a black felt spiderweb hat. Get an itsy bitsy spider costume for your kiddo, and you're all set for a night of fun and mayhem.

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