11 Family-Friendly Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving, Because Doing The Dishes Sucks

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to celebrate family and loved ones, reminiscing about the many things you have to be thankful for. But, if you've ever hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner or even helped prepare one, you know that the holiday can also be filled with stress, rushing, drama, and simply put, chaos. It can be tempting to just hand over the festivities to the professionals. And why not? With a large list of family friendly restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day, there's no shame in moving your celebration to one of your favorite restaurants and letting them handle all of the stress and planning.

Imagine this scene: It's Thanksgiving and your entire extended family is visiting from out of town. Dinner is served and all of your favorites are there — roasted turkey, cranberry relish, glazed sweet potatoes, pumpkin and apple pies But you didn't prepare any of it. In fact, you got to enjoy the entire meal, catching up with loved ones, without even leaving your seat or checking your oven once. And when the meal is over, there's not a dish for you to wash.

It sounds like a dream, right?

You may be skeptical, but even the most composed of hostesses deserve a break to enjoy the holiday so taking your celebrations to a restaurant might be just the way to do it.


Romano's Macaroni Grill

Pop Sugar listed Romano's Macaroni Grill among the list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day this year. If customer reviews on Trip Advisor are any indication, their standard Thanksgiving dinner full of classic dishes will be a hit for any family.



According to Holiday Shopping Hours, most Applebee's around the country are open during their normal hours on Thanksgiving. They'll serve their regular menu everyone knows and loves, making Thanksgiving dining a breeze.


3.Old Country Buffet

Holiday Shopping Hours also noted that Old Country Buffet will be open on Thanksgiving Day, serving up their standard all you can eat buffet with classic Thanksgiving dishes.


Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

In addition to serving their "Heat 'n Serve Family Meals" available for pickup, they will be open at most locations on Thanksgiving Day.



Pancake and breakfast lovers around the country can rejoice, because if turkey and stuffing isn't your thing, Denny's will be serving up their classic breakfasts all day long on Thanksgiving, according to Holiday Hour.


Golden Corral

Golden Corral locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day and if Cage Potato's review is any indication, it's well worth the $12.99 price tag.


Maggiano's Little Italy

The Italian eatery serves a four course "family style meal" at all of their locations on Thanksgiving Day. The first course is a classic soup and bruschetta, the second is a salad of your choosing. The third course is comprised of classic Thanksgiving favorites like roast turkey breast, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and of course, a pasta dish of your choice.


Marie Callender's

According to their website, Marie Callender's prepares meals that you can enjoy in house or take home with you for nearly every holiday. Check out their impressive pie selection too while you're there.


Mimi's Cafe

Like many of these restaurants, Mimi's Cafe gives families the option to dine-in and enjoy a three course chef-prepared meal with all of the classic dishes like roasted turkey, stuffed cornbread, cranberry relish, and more, or families can order a meal in advance to pick up. To sweeten the deal, their websites states that for each meal purchased to eat at home, Mimi's Cafe sends four meals to kids in need through the Children's Hunger Fund.


Seasons 52

If you're hoping for a more upscale Thanksgiving, Seasons 52 invites you to join them and spend "time with family, not your oven." For $27 per adult and $13 per child, you'll enjoy all of the classic Thanksgiving goods from turkey to butternut squash, to mashed potatoes and pie. They also have wine pairings specifically for the occasion and cocktails meant to enhance the meal.


Waffle House

Huff Post noted that the waffle joint is famously open 365 days per year, which means if you can have waffles all day, every day, you won't be disappointed with this choice.

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