11 Feminist Gifts For Boys, Because Gender Stereotypes Make Terrible Presents

by Britni de la Cretaz

Finding feminist gifts for kids is not always easy when navigating the incredibly gendered aisles of toy stores. Luckily the Internet exists, which makes finding cool, non-stereotypical gifts much easier. And while finding feminist gifts for young girls is usually pretty easy, finding feminist gifts for boys can be much more difficult.

Of course, imposing gender on any kid isn’t cool, so these gifts are for kids who identify with the gender of "boy," or for kids who are inclined to like more stereotypically masculine things. But, because feminist child-rearing is all about shattering stereotypes, many of these toys are really great gifts for any kid in your life, because gendered norms are just so tired.

That being said, boys deserve fun, feminist gifts because toxic ideas of masculinity and manhood hurt little boys and grown men alike, just like they hurt girls and women, and gender-expansive kids and gender non-conforming adults. Feminist gift-giving is really just about gifting things to kids based on their interests, not their gender.

But if you’re looking for some places to start for your son, nephew, or other small boy in your life, here are some awesome ideas to set kids on a sure path to smashing the patriarchy this holiday season.


Wonder Woman Anya Plush Bunny

Wonder Woman Bunny, $20, Amazon

This Wonder Woman bunny is perfect for any kid. Who doesn’t love soft, cuddly bunnies?


‘Feminist In Training’ T-Shirt

"Feminist In Training" T-shirt, $24, Etsy

This "Feminist In Training" T-shirt lets your little guy declare that he’s learning feminism from the best of them, and isn’t afraid to admit it.


‘Rad American Women From A-Z’

Rad American Woman A-Z, $10, Amazon

One of the best ways to help your child become a feminist is to teach them about the amazing women who have done great things. This Rad American Women A-Z is perfect for doing just that.


‘Dreaming Is An Act of Resistance’ Poster

Dreaming Mini Poster, $20, Zazzle

This gorgeous feminist poster, with artwork by Megan Smith of Repeal Hyde Art Project, reminds your kid that dreaming is important and powerful, and proceeds go to an organization doing amazing reproductive justice work, too.


‘A is For Activist’ Board Book

A Is For Activist, $10, Amazon

A Is For Activist is for the budding activist in your home. Also, there are cats on every page.


Gloria Anzaldua Shirt

Feminist Kids T-shirt, $30, Etsy

This Gloria Amzaldua T-shirt lets your son teach others about the awesomeness that was Chicana writer and theorist Gloria Anzaldua.


Doc McStuffins Doll and Doctor Bag

Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag, $19, Target

Boys love Doc McStuffins, too! This Doc McStuffins doctor kit lets your kid give his toys a check up and make sure they’re doing OK.


‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy

The Hunger Games Box Set, $21, Amazon

The Hunger Games books introduce kids to Katniss Everdeen, a super heroine if there ever was one.


Play Kitchen

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, $153, Amazon

Cooking is a gender-neutral and life-sustaining activity. This gorgeous KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is the perfect gift for any young chef.


Cleaning Supplies

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set, $24, Amazon

Kids love to mimic the tasks they see their parents doing around the house, so this Melissa & Doug cleaning set is great for that.


Pink and Purple Dump Truck

Green Toys Dump Truck, $21, Amazon

Because colors are just colors, this pink and purple dump truck shatters gender stereotypes.