11 Funny Sex After Baby Memes That Only New Moms Will Understand


Becoming a parent means a lot of things. It means knowing what it's like to have part of your heart walk around outside your body. It means making every decision for the rest of your life based off of the needs of another person. It means kissing your old sex life goodbye, and embracing a new version of intimacy with your partner. I'm a huge believer in sex after baby being even better than the sex you used to have, but that doesn't mean you can't commemorate the occasion with some funny sex after baby memes.

What is it about memes that are so relatable? My boyfriend and I can have entire conversations in nothing but memes and GIFs, and know exactly what the other person is thinking. It's like finding the perfect greeting card ― sometimes a meme just says everything you needed it to. And when it comes to postpartum sex, you've probably got a lot to say. No matter how good it is or how much you love it, you can admit that it's totally different than sex before you got pregnant. Whether it's your hormones, a new level of intimacy, or feeling like you're playing some kind of high stakes bomb game where you have to orgasm before the baby cries that makes it different, here are 11 funny sex after baby memes that say exactly what you're thinking.

1. Fairly Accurate


Not from lack of trying though, am I right?

2. Unfair


Trust me. You probably don't want to touch these things unless you like being sprayed in the face with warm milk anyway.

3. You Need Some Prep Work


You need to get the green light from the doctor, schedule a babysitter, and maybe brush up on your moves.

4. Get It, Boo


There's reason to believe that you can have pretty powerful orgasms after childbirth, so high-five to those making sure their ladies get it.

5. You Can Bet Your Life Savings


Don't worry, you can finish when the baby moves out of your house.

6. Evil Plans Abound


And it's going to be the really smelly kind, too.

7. So Get Off Of Her

Hilarious Memes for You/Tumblr

I'm also going to be all up in her cleavage, so just mind your own business, OK?

8. Sex Or Sleep?

thesupercx /Tumblr

You know you could sleep, but d*mn you really want to have sex, too. Which one is going to solve your problems?

9. Pixar Has A Whole New Meaning


And they help mama out when you've refused to nap for three days.

10. It Won't Matter Anyway


Because the baby being outside of my womb makes everything perfect for sex. Yeah, OK.

11. Literally, No Time


"Honey, we have like four minutes, stop being romantic."