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11 Gender-Neutral Baby Names Inspired By The 90s

I think we can all agree that the '90s were a far more epic decade than the '00s. OK, maybe you don't agree, but it's definitely how I feel. Between the quotable TV shows and movies, the fashion, and iconic celebrities, everything was just better. And so, what better way to pay tribute to that decade, now that you're older, than by naming your kids gender-neutral baby names inspired by the '90s? Because as far as I'm concerned, I would rather have a baby named Devon than a baby named Brookyn. Sorry, not sorry.

Names from the '90s were a little simpler; a little more straightforward. Zack Morris never would never have insisted he be referred to as Zachariah, am I right? A return to the days of the two-syllable name is in everyone's best interest, so that we can start including kids' names in nursery songs again, without completely messing up the beat. Not to mention, there's really only one way to spell Drew, the last time I checked, whereas Zachariah could also be spelled Zechariah, and how the heck do you shorten that name, anyway? Do you call that kid Zeck? I'm okay with that, I just need to know.

Here are 11 gender-neutral baby names that are inspired by the '90s.



The charismatic Drew Barrymore was everywhere in the '90s, whether it was flashing David Letterman, or starring in Scream. Drew Carey was everyone's favorite game show host, on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and let's be honest, Drew would be a super cute name for pretty much anyone.



OK, so bear with me on this one. Yes, Hanson was the original brothers band back in the '90s, and although it technically only shows up as a male name on websites like Nameberry, I happen to think it would be a stunning gender-neutral name.



Devon Sawa was a serious heart throb who starred in some classic '90s movies like Little Giants, and Casper. The name is fantastic for any gender, though.



As in Michael Jordan. If you didn't own a pair of Air Jordans, something was seriously wrong with you. Jordan also happens to make a great gender neutral name that means "flowing down," according to Nameberry.



I think out of all of these names, Dylan would be my choice, should I ever have another baby. Which most definitely will not be happening. Anyway, the magic of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 series will never be forgotten, and bad boy Dylan? No girl (or boy, for that matter) in their right mind would choose goody-two-shoes Brandon over him.



Before Joaquin Phoenix, there was River. Like James Dean before him, he was a talented young actor who was gone too soon. What better way to pay tribute than to name your baby after him?



Everyone's favorite TV uncle was from Full House. Uncle Jesse was cute, charismatic, and memorable, and his name is a popular one for both boys and girls. Although the feminine version tends to be spelled with an "i" as well, it is increasingly spelled this way for both genders.



Ash Ketchum was a name that everyone knew in the '90s, thanks to the popularity of Pokemon. The name of the main character is the perfect gender-neutral name for your baby today.



Joey Lawrence from Blossom may be the first Joey you think of, but let's not forget the star of Kevin Smith's movie, Chasing Amy, Joey Lauren Adams.



Taylor is listed on the Social Security Administration's most popular girls names of the 1990s, but is also happens to bring to mind everyone's favorite '90s heart throb, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.



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If you were a fan of '90s grunge music, then you were well-acquainted with the name Evan Dando, the lead singer of The Lemonheads. Even back then, though it was a gender neutral name, as Evan Rachel Wood, from Once and Again can attest to.