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11 Cute & Creepy Halloween Costume Ideas For Your 1st Trimester

by Lindsay E. Mack

Getting to dress your bump is a sweet bonus to being pregnant during late October. But what if you aren't all that far along yet? These Halloween costume ideas for the first trimester are clever, cute, and (best of all) comfy. Although you may not be showing all that much just yet, there are still a ton of ways to incorporate your pregnancy into this year's costume.

For the first trimester, you probably want a costume that's comfortable and not at all constricting (maybe take a pass on the corsets this year, in other words). Thankfully, there are plenty of costumes, from the elaborate to the super casual, that fit this description. Whether you want a full-on medieval gown or a cool, quippy t-shirt, these Halloween looks are all perfect for the first trimester.

It's also a good time to consider pregnancy announcement costume ideas if the timing is right. If you haven't yet disclosed the pregnancy to your wider circle of friends and family, then a costume that hints at your growing baby can be a super fun choice. (These costumes make for amazing Insta or Facebook pics, too.) Whatever you decide, it's still totally possible to have a fantastic Halloween costume when you're newly pregnant.


'Hocus Pocus' Pregnancy Shirt

Honoring one of the most quotable movies ever, this pregnancy shirt makes a perfect low-key costume as well. If you watch 'Hocus Pocus' every year, then this is basically the ideal getup for your Halloween ensemble. Plus, it's a simple t-shirt, so you aren't stuck in itchy or otherwise uncomfortable costume fabric all night.


Mommy Shark Halloween Costume

This costume will strike fear into the heart of anyone who's had the Baby Shark song stuck in their heads. It's also a fun and topical way to announce a new pregnancy. And lastly, this cute hoodie will help keep you warm in late October.


Pregnancy Announcement Halloween Shirt

If you're searching for a Halloween-themed pregnancy announcement shirt, well, this is probably the most direct one available. The "Happy Halloween" and little ghost keep things appropriately spooky, while the "also I'm pregnant" line shares your happy news in a super chill way. This shirt is sure to make your friends and family scream (with delight).


Storybook Queen Costume

If elaborate costumes are more your style, this queenly look is definitely worth consideration. With a dress, overcoat, crown, belt, and medallion included, it's basically a complete costume all in one set. This Halloween, consider being queen for a day.


Don't Eat The Pumpkin Seeds Maternity Tank Top

This shirt offers a fair warning to anyone you happen to meet on Halloween. It's a cute and seasonally appropriate way to announce your coming baby. Plus, this tank looks like it would be super comfortable when paired with a chunky cardigan and some cozy leggings.


Bun In The Oven Costume

Go for an adorably punny costume this year. Not only do you get to dress as a household appliance, but you also have a clever way to announce your pregnancy as well. Best of all, you can wear whatever you want under the costume, so take your favorite cozy sweater out for Halloween this year.


Tangled Web Spider Costume

Spin some serious spider vibes with this look. The hooded dress is equal parts spooky and cozy. Also, the spiderweb detailing is simply perfection.


Emoji Costume

Why not dress up as your favorite emoji? This sandwich board-style costume slips on whatever you're already wearing, so it's easy-peasy. Of course, the sunglasses emoji is obviously the coolest of the bunch, anyway.


Butterfly Wing Costume

Simple but so beautiful, this butterfly costume is sure to make you feel like flying. The flowy wings give you a great accessory to play with all evening. Lastly, the included antennae headband does everything to complete the look.


Maleficent Costume

Also available in plus sizes, this Maleficent costume will help you get in touch with your inner baddie. The gown, choker, and headpiece are all included, so you're good to go. The collar is even wired so you can mold it to fit your style.


Beeper Costume

For an awesome throwback costume, look no further than the beeper tunic. It's a great reminder of the days before smartphones, when you still had to use landlines for pretty much all communication. Plus, it's a fun way to commemorate an ancient technology that your future child will likely never experience.