These Are The Top Maternity Halloween Costume Trends On Pinterest

When I was pregnant, one of my absolute favorite things to plan for were the creative Halloween costume ideas you can sport with a baby bump. With everything from the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball as your belly to cute animal faces painted onto your bump, the possibilities are truly endless. But if you need a boost of creativity, the most popular maternity Halloween costumes on Pinterest is a rabbit hole you definitely want to get lost in.

The options available on Pinterest, as I'm sure you know, are endless. Even with the most difficult DIY or craft projects, a fail can be just as funny as a success is rewarding. Although I try not to let myself get too overwhelmed with the perfection slathered across my Pinterest app, I do find it an extremely helpful place to get ideas from and to find ways to execute them as efficiently, quickly, or cheaply as possible. Especially when it comes to Halloween time, the wide range of costume ideas knows no bounds.

If you're unsure, however, which maternity costumes are truly the most unique, fun, or popular this year, look no further. Here are some of the top trending Halloween maternity costume trends on Pinterest (that launched to the top the time this article was written) that you'll want to consider making for yourself or sharing with your pregnant friends.


Bird Nest Maternity Costume

Brit + Co shared this unique, clever, and absolutely stunning DIY bird's nest maternity costume that's – no surprise – super popular on Pinterest. With your belly as the bird's egg, and your upper body and face as the bird, the costume gives the illusion you're sitting on an egg with a tutu type skirt as the bird's nest. Of course, your legs can serve as the tree trunk, and you've officially completed one of the most clever maternity Halloween costumes out there, in my opinion. Check the pin out here to save it to your Halloween board!


Gumball Machine Maternity Costume

For this gumball machine maternity costume, you can be bright, adorable, and fun without having to go overboard this Halloween. Life With My Littles provides an adorable tutorial using a t-shirt, card stock, fabric, and a skirt to execute this on point gumball machine costume – a perfect way to highlight your baby bump. If you want to save this pin, check it out here.


No-Sew Care Bear Costume

There are a couple great bonuses for these no-sew Care Bear costumes from See Vanessa Craft. One is that you can make them for the entire family. Especially if you have kids, this gives you the ability to execute a group costume with little fret over what everyone else will be for Halloween. Second, you can use this costume idea whether you're expecting or not. So, if you want to continue being a Care Bear for the next 10 Halloweens, you can. For more on this costume or to save it to a Pinterest board, click here.


Avocado Maternity Costume

I am totally bias when it comes to anything avocado because I'm obsessed. Every time I see an adorable avocado maternity costume like this one from Hello, Wonderful, I wish so badly that I had thought of it when I was pregnant. The good thing is, however, this costume can be executed post baby too, and what's even better is you have the ability to dress your little one up as toast for a delicious avocado-toast duo. Check out the pin here and save it for later.


Kool-Aid (Wo)Man

You cannot go wrong with this hilarious Kool-Aid (wo)man maternity costume idea this October from Brit + Co. It's funny, inexpensive, and you probably have most of the items you need to put together this costume already sitting around your home. Plus, you get to say "Oh, yeah!" every time you open your door to trick-or-treaters. If you want to check out this pin on Pinterest, click here.


DIY Mummy Maternity Costume

This DIY Mummy Costume from A Crafty Spoonful is an adorable, low-key way to enjoy your Halloween this year. Dress up your favorite white shirt with a peeking mummy at your baby bump using the tutorial you can pin here. You can also take it a step further and get creative wrapping up your pants, shoes, and even hair with toilet paper, fabric, or anything else that gives you a spooky mummy look.


Deviled-Egg Maternity Costume

Another foodie costume that would go great with avocado is an egg or deviled egg maternity costume. Using C.R.A.F.T's (Creating Really Awesome Free Things) tutorial to get this adorably maternity look this October, you can create a simple, fun, and affordable look in no time. Check out this pin here to save it for later.


Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is by far one of my favorite childhood throwbacks. So, when I saw this Winnie the Pooh maternity costume in the top Pinterest costumes for pregnant women, I was so excited. To get this adorable look, Chessmen and Coffee gives a quick and fun how-to that'll have you reaching for the honey pot in no time this holiday. What's even more awesome is how comfortable this costume looks without skimping on the cuteness. You can save this pin for later by clicking here.

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