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11 Hidden Gems On Hulu Because How Many Times Can You Rewatch 'Seinfeld'?

There's nothing worse than finishing a series or a movie you've been completely obsessed with and realizing (with some degree of horror) that the time has come to... find a new show. Gasp! What will you do now? Okay, so there are actually quite a few things that are much worse than that feeling, but nobody likes trying to sort through all the zillions of streaming options to find exactly the right thing to watch. Luckily, there are some hidden gems on Hulu right now that you're guaranteed to love, no matter what your mood.

Seriously though, back to that part about how hard it can be to find the right viewing material for the moment. Choosing something you've never heard of is taking a risk, but how many times can you really watch The Office from start to finish again? With a little digging, however, you can find a show or movie that's all new to you (or that you haven't seen in so many years you can't really remember all the details anyway). And remember, just because you haven't heard any buzz about a flick or a series recently doesn't mean there wasn't tons of hype about it back when it first came out. So whether you're in need of a good laugh, a good cry, or something in between, skip the search time and go straight for one of these options.


'21 Jump Street' (1987 to 1991)

Long before the hilarious movie versions starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum came along, the original TV series brought a young Johnny Depp into fans' homes every week (oh, the thrill of those opening credits!). Did the police procedural about cops posing as high school students have a flimsy premise? Sort of. Did anybody care? Not at all.


'Heathers' (1988)

Forget about the TV reboot that almost was... then thankfully wasn't. The movie that started it all (and cemented Winona Ryder's status as a teen icon) is on Hulu right now... but it won't be forever, so you should probably watch it every chance you get while it's still streaming.


'Ally McBeal' (1997 to 2002)

It's kind of funny that nobody really talks about Ally McBeal anymore, because (as you fellow Gen X-ers out there remember) that show was huge. From Calista Flockhart's trademark exasperated expressions to stellar supporting turns by Portia DeRossi and Jane Krakowski to, of course, that dancing baby, everybody was talking about the single lady/lawyer back then.


'Roxanne' (1987)

Steve Martin fans consider this modern day take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac story to be essential viewing, which is no doubt why it's considered to be an 80's comedy classic. Starring Daryl Hannah as the object of Martin's affection.


'My So-Called Life' (1994)

It was clear when Claire Danes hit the scene in My So-Called Life that she had a future filled with winning major acting awards ahead of her (it was also clear that Jared Leto was likely going to stick around for awhile). The critically acclaimed series didn't last long, for some bizarre reason, but it's infinitely re-watchable.


'Colossal' (2016)

Anne Hathaway in a monster movie? Might not be the first type of film you would expect the actress to star in, but this quirky comedy (also starring Jason Sudeikis) isn't what you would expect a movie about a giant beast destroying Seoul, South Korea to be like, either.


'Doogie Howser, M.D.' (1988 to 1993)

Years before he became Barney Stinson, Neil Patrick Harris was already legendary in his role as the kid genius Doogie Howser, a doctor with a heart of gold (and a bunch of typical teenager problems to deal with while saving lives).


'Let The Right One In' (2008)

Oddly touching for a movie about an old vampire in the body of an adolescent girl who makes friends with a human tween, this Swedish film is hauntingly beautiful, unexpectedly funny, and super creepy all at the same time.


'Perfect Strangers' (1986 to 1993)

Dive deeper still into the endless black hole of nostalgia with a marathon of this endearingly wacky sitcom, featuring Bronson Pinchot in his career-defining (for better or worse) role as the colorful, big-hearted Balki Bartokomous and Mark-Linn Baker as his uptight cousin and roommate, Larry.


'The Little Rascals' (1922 to 1936)

Speaking of nostalgia: Take a trip way, way back in time with the original Our Gang series following the always hilarious and completely innocent hijinks of Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and the rest.


'The Burbs' (1989)

Back before Tom Hanks starting winning all the Oscars, he still starred in such slightly ridiculous movies as this under-appreciated comedy/horror flick about an everyday joe who discovers his suburban neighbors are up to some seriously disturbing stuff. Also starring the late, great Carrie Fisher as Hanks' wife and Corey Feldman as a wisecracking neighborhood teen.