38 Hilarious Things To Watch On Netflix When You Just Want To LOL

We all need a pick me up sometimes. Maybe you've battled a week-long migraine, your pregnancy hormones are raging, the kids colored on the walls with permanent marker — again — or you just want to relax. Whatever the reason, you need a distraction and you just can't deal right now. I find that sometimes the best cure to lose yourself temporarily after a bad or just long day, week, month, or more, is to just kick back and watch one of the many hilarious movies and shows on Netflix to get a laugh, paired with some ice cream and-or popcorn? Am I right?

After hours of scouring through Netflix, here's an eclectic list of titles ranging from rom-coms to standup specials to classic TV series to suit any kind of laugh you're looking for — yes, there are different types. From throwback movies to recent releases, cult favorite TV shows to feel good movies, slapstick humor projects to witty screenplays, they're all made for your enjoyment. All you have to do is stock up on some snacks, kick up your feet, and put your phone on silent because you're about to spend the next couple hours in bliss.

Come on, shake off the bad day with one of these 38 hilarious movies and shows to watch on Netflix when you just need a laugh.


The Good Place

As a Veronica Mars fan, I'll watch anything with Kristin Bell in it. The NBC drama follows Veronica Mars (aka Kristin Bell, aka Elleanor Shellstrop), a not-so-great person into the "good place" in the afterlife... but she's been mistaken for someone else. I started watching this as a meh, let's see what happens, then 10 hours went by and I had binged the entire first season. Thanks, Netflix.


Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King

Post White House Correspondents' Dinner, Hasan Minhaj has been a bit of an obsession of mine. With this standup special exclusively on Netflix, I don't think I stopped laughing once. Incredibly insightful and hilariously true, American-born Minhaj tackles the cultural stereotypes and expectations he faces as an American of Indian descent.


Bridget Jones's Baby

Who's the baby daddy? At 40 and single, Jones had two lovers who could be the father of her child. She has to figure it out in the most hilarious way. If you are fans of the first two films of the Bridget Jones series, you won't be disappointed in this installment.


Johnny English Reborn

Either you love him or hate him, but I find that in the toughest moments, James Bond parody Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) just does it for me.


Master of None

Whether you haven't seen any episode, or you're back for more, Master of None wittily combines food, love, dating, and friendship. Plus, there's so much to love about the friendship between Dev Shah (played by Aziz Ansari) and Arnold (played by Eric Wareheim)?



From the creator of Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory, an award winning cast comes together for this high comedy that's all about cannabis and dispensaries. Maybe not safe for the family, but it's about to be your next binger. Also, Kathy Bates is kind of amazing.


Secret Life Of Pets

What happens after you leave Roofus for work? This movie reveals what "really" goes down.


Joyful Noise

Dolly Parton + Queen Latifah = well... Joyful Noise. This movie is like a modern day Sister Act, about a choir, and it will have you humming and laughing.


Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Mike Birbiglia isn't afraid to talk about love and the darkly humorous intricacies we find in intimacy. If you're not afraid to listen then tune in.


Don't Think Twice

By now, you're getting the sense that I like Mike Birbiglia. This movie adds him plus a few more of my favorite comedians — Keegan-Michael Key and Gillian Jacobs — and wraps it all up into a movie about improv.


Good Burger

"Home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? Who Loves orange soda? I love orange soda!" If you were a child of the 90's, you'll remember All That, Keenan and Kel, and this hilariously cheesy flick. This throwback will give you a good belly laugh with a side of nostalgia.


For a Good Time, Call...

This is not for the kids, definitely something you watch with your friends or your beau. Comedy meets phone sex calling line with two former college enemies running the lucrative business. Look out for a cameo by Seth Rogan


Friends from College

In all honesty, this show can be annoying at times. But it's worth a few moments of eye rolling to get to the moments that make your belly hurt so much because you can't stop laughing. Warning: It will remind you of some of the worst friends you still keep from college, so tune in at your own risk.


New Girl

Though Jess (played by Zoey Deschanel) is cute, the two characters I laugh with (and sometimes at) all the time are Winston (played by Lamore Morris) and Cece (played by Hannah Simone, who is also a new mom, yay).

This was one of Fox's first breakthrough comedies in a long time. Watch it from beginning to end on Netflix.



Love started season two this year with Mickey, a nonconformist, and Gus, a well-to-do guy. Season one left viewers on the will they or won't they seesaw that continues into this season. In an interview with Salon, Paul Rust (who plays Gus), said that the show started as an idea for a movie that was an anti-How I Met Your Mother, where the audience ultimately knew the couple wouldn't end up together.


Jane The Virgin

The CW series about a virgin who was artificially inseminated quickly evolves in the tele novella style you either love or love to hate.


Grace and Frankie

These two are #friendshipgoals when I'm retired. One of my good friends got me hooked onto this, and I think we both not-so-secretly want to be these two when we're older. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are lovable and relatable in a comedy that unravels what happens after their husbands come out as lovers after 20 years of marriage.



Can you blame me for including this? This is the OG How I Met Your Mother, Friends From College, or pretty much any other series about friendship in a major city (ahem, New York). It paved the way for so many other comedies to follow.


Chewing Gum

I'm easy when it comes to British comedy, and don't be surprised if this becomes your next guilty pleasures. It's the type of show that I clicked on unenthusiastically but got hooked on and then binge-watched two seasons straight. The British sitcom is all about 20-something Londoner Tracey and her life in the projects and journey to losing her virginity with a very religious mother.


The Crazy Ones

I honestly still can't believe Robin Williams is gone sometimes. As usual, he delivers the comedy in one of his last projects. Plus, Kelly Clarkson singing a sexy song about McDonalds? Say no more.



It's funny because it's true. Binge on the epitome of hipsterdom.


Punch-Drunk Love

This is one of my favorites from Adam Sandler. On the more thoughtful side of his comedy, this 2002 movie follows a small-business owner who starts an interesting journey with a mysterious woman.


Maz Jobrani: Immigrant

In today's political climate, Maz Jobrani carefully crafts a hilarious narrative about immigration, Trump, raising a family, and the lighter side of protesting.



I grew up reading these books, and now the cartoon has come to life. This movie is great for all ages. Watch it before Paddington 2 releases in January 2018.


Bring It On: Worldwide Showdown

Have you ever watched something so bad that it turned out to be so good? Well, that's Bring It On: Worldwide Showdown. I loved the first BIO, liked the second, and I stopped caring at the third. But this little unpolished gem is terribly good.



Adorably sweet with a strong female lead, you'll laugh, cry, and feel every feel-good emotion in between — what's not to love?


Finding Dory

"Just Keep Swimming." Maybe you've chanted some version of this to yourself this week. Let Dory do it for you in the sequel to Finding Nemo.


Baby's Day Out

If I had to make a list of the cutest babies in movie history, baby Bink would have to be in the top five. This '90s classic is all about what happens after three stooge-like kidnappers try to hold on to the infant they just kidnapped from a wealthy family.


Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say

As an Indian woman, there is so much right with her standup. Aditi Mittal is one of India's first well-known standup comedians, and tackles what it's like being a woman in India. It's complete hilarity.


About a Boy

The series, not the movie. It's enough fluff like cotton candy. I'm a little sad this show got cancelled.


The Switch

A rom com about the mishaps of sperm donation. The kid is adorable, and after watching Ozark, seeing Jason Bateman in a rom com is a welcome change.



Disclaimer: This is NOT for children. Luckily you don't have to have premium cable to enjoy this addictive show. You just won't get the view the latest season, of course, but there's plenty to watch for hours.



Intriguing, endearing, heartwarming, and entertaining, this show deals with some heavy issues with relatable comedy as it tackles what being on the autism spectrum looks like. This Netflix comedy follows Sam, an autistic high school senior taking regular classes and starting to show an interest in the opposite sex. This show uniquely displays how hits diagnosis affects his everyday life, new decisions, and his family.


Daddy Day Care

When a stay-at-home dad gets more than he bargained for when opening up a daycare, the question is if he'll be able to keep the business afloat. It's got Eddie Murphy so you know it's going to be lol-funny.


Little Rascals Save the Day

This is a classic movie that you can watch with the young ones. Just a warning though, they may learn some mischievous moves.



A family-friendly, feel-good movie featuring singing animals. I've seen this movie three times in the past month, I kid you not. It's so good and addicting.


Little Evil

Here's a little dark comedy those who are into that. It's a Little Evil, staring Adam Scott (of Parks and Rec) about an anti-christ child and his newfound stepdad.



I was apprehensive about this at first, but after so many people recommended it, I gave it a try and was hooked after the first episode. Everything about it adds up to a good comedy: a crew of misfits, '80s fashion, and gorgeous ladies of wresting (GLOW). Also, it's from the same team who brought you Orange is the New Black, so there's that too.

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