11 Hilarious Political Costumes For 2017, Because You Might As Well Laugh

If you enjoy political Halloween costumes, then this may be the best year of your life. Even if you aren't super into politics, choosing a hilarious political costume for 2017 is a great idea because there are so many options. Seriously: you can't make up stories like the ones in the news now.

From curious presidential misspellings on Twitter to a giant inflatable chicken near the White House, this year has been downright surreal on the political front. It's ridiculous: the defensive tweets, the revolving cabinet door, and the overwhelming ego of the political players. I mean, who could have predicted the rise of Spicey or The Mooch? Even the best comedy writers out there couldn't dream up material like this.

That said, coming up with an original political costume can be difficult. So much ground has already been covered by creative costumers and companies alike. I mean, a sexy Donald Trump costume even exists. Seriously: it's called the Donna T. Rumpshaker costume ($70, Yandy) and it's terrifying. To get political with your costume in a funny, less disturbing way, check out these clever spoofs on current events. Although if the previous costume strikes your fancy, go ahead and make Halloween scary again.


Pumpkin Spicey


After a mere six months as White House press secretary, Sean Spicer called it quits. But you know what never quits? Americans' love for pumpkin spice everything. Why not combine the two into one costume?

First, put on a blue fitted suit ($60+, Amazon), white Oxford shirt ($15+, Amazon), and blue patterned tie ($9, Amazon). (For a cheaper suit, check out local thrift shops.) Next, put on a little pumpkin mask ($3, Amazon). If you have time, order a personalized Starbucks cup ($8, Etsy) that says Pumpkin Spicer Latte or some such nonsense.


Fake News

Start with a newspaper print dress ($36, AliExpress). Add in a lovely red fake news cap ($25, Etsy). For a little something extra, get a red scrolling text LED belt buckle ($20, GlowProducts) and program it to say "Fake News Network" or something alone those lines.


Trump's Tweets

The President is a prolific Twitter user, so you'll have plenty of tweets to use as inspiration. Start with a Twitter prop hat ($12, Amazon). Add in a losers and haters Trump tweet shirt ($25, TrumpTweetShirts), or use your favorite tweet. (The Trump Twitter Shirts site has several tweets from which to choose.) Carry a copy of Twitter for Dummies ($13, Amazon) for a little extra sass.


The Trump Chicken


To be fair, a Trump chicken DIY costume was already posted by, and it's a fantastic getup. For a more budget version of the iconic inflatable poultry, though, here's another option. Start with an adult rooster rider inflatable costume ($39, Amazon), then put a golden Mr. Billionaire wig ($8, Amazon) on top of the chicken's head. Tie some orange truck nutz ($5, Amazon) underneath the beak for a lifelike wattle.


The Actual Day November 8th

Go as 2016's presidential election day. First, create a wearable sandwich board. Get a couple of sturdy foam boards ($13, Office Depot) and make a couple of straps from strong duct tape ($6, Staples). Next, take a big Sharpie marker ($4, Target) and write out your message. Something like "Vote Here On Nov. 8, 2016" would work. Lastly, get a roll of I Voted stickers ($20, Amazon) and hand them out to everyone.


Trump's Cabinet

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

This costume is essentially one big dad joke, so I'm 100 percent here for it. Grab a tall cardboard box ($2, MrBoxOnline) and cut out holes for your arms and head. Next, draw cabinet doors on the box with a large permanent marker ($4, Office Depot). What's in your cabinet? Tape or staple anything from tiny toy hands ($10, Amazon) to cans of spray tan ($20, Sally Beauty) all around the cabinet. Use your imagination to add more goodies.


Sean Spicer In A Rabbit Costume

Maybe it's unkind to pick on Mr. Spicer so much, because he was trying to make children happy here. Still, the rabbit costume created an important moment in American history. Get a Happy Easter bunny costume ($90, HalloweenCostumes). Carry the head while wearing a short man's wig ($10, Amazon) and an expression of bewildered fatigue.


Hillary In The Woods

SNL's "The Hunt For Hill" skit portrays the former presidential candidate as a mysterious, elusive creature not unlike Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Get a blonde Hillary wig ($13, Amazon), a long black coat ($70, Burlington), and some basic blue pants ($36, Gap). Have friends dressed as paranormal researchers pursue you while screaming thanks.


The Mooch

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember The Mooch. Snag a front stabbing guy t-shirt ($27, Spreadshirt). Wear it with a blue casual blazer ($24, Amazon) and a perfectly styled wig for men ($23, Amazon). Do the fandango.



SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

OK, it may not be the most mature costume out there, but it's an option. Simply put on a Trump costume jacket ($25, Amazon), a satin red tie ($20, Target), a scary pumpkin mask ($30, Spirit Halloween) and a blonde billionaire wig ($10, Amazon). Your costume is unbelievable, the biggest and best costume imaginable.



Because no one knows what a covfefe is, your imagination is the limit with this costume. Start with a basic #covfefe t-shirt ($18, Etsy), then add a covfefe mini skirt ($36, CovfefePrints) and some black covfefe leggings ($52, Zazzle). Throw on a nevertheless she covfefe'd hat ($20, Amazon). Finish your look with the covfefe necklace ($5, Etsy), which the seller calls "brassy, cheap, and totally unprofessional." It's #perfection.

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