11 Movies To Watch On Hulu If You're Feeling Frisky This Valentine's Day

If your life is anything like mine, it can be difficult to find the time for romance or to fit in an actual Valentine's Day date. This is why streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu were invented — sort of. When you have kids, it's not as easy as making a reservation, eating a fancy meal, and going home to a quiet house where you can have, ahem, relations with your partner to your heart’s content. Luckily, there are 11 hot movies on Hulu to help get you in the mood this Valentine's Day. Or, really, to give you and your partner (or you alone) something to watch to celebrate the day of love in a much more lowkey but totally fun way.

Maybe I’m just a lightweight when it comes to steamy movie scenes, but there are a handful of movies on Hulu that can help get you "there." And it’s a lot easier and less icky than braving the internet trenches for other, erm, content. If your goal is to watch something to get you in the mood or just enjoy something a little more R-rated than PG-13 when it comes to adult love scenes, Hulu has you covered.

Whether you’re looking for something a little more well-known for its erotica, like Original Sin, or you’re down for an indie sex romp like Beach Rats, you’re going to find something that does it for you. And if you have a partner for Valentine’s Day or you’re riding solo, Hulu will provide all of the steamy entertainment you need.

Beach Rats

Frankie spends his summer break flirting with older men online and meeting said men (and others) for daytime and nightly hookups on the beach. In the process, he meets a woman who also interests him in this coming of age but definitely sexy movie.

The Escort

The Escort is a romantic comedy, so there is a underlying story you can get behind. But since it’s about a sex-addicted journalist on the hunt for a story about high-class sex workers, you have to expect some decent sex scenes mixed in with the eventual love story.

Breaking The Girls

It might venture into the crime thriller genre, but before that happens, Breaking the Girls is about a romantic relationship that blossoms between two women who start off as friends. But when they form a murder pact, things get a little less sexy. Or sexier, depending on how you look at it.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Whether you loved the book, didn't care for it, or just didn't read it, Fifty Shades of Grey is seriously steamy and now, you can watch it on Hulu. Once you can get beyond the predictable storyline, you can appreciate every moment in and outside of the Red Room of Pain.


You won’t be able to watch Secretary on Hulu unless you have the Cinemax add-on, but it will be so worth it. Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as a seemingly meek secretary who enters into her first ever BDSM relationship with her boss, played by James Spader. It’s like the original Fifty Shades, but I’m pretty sure Spader is all anyone needs to hear to know this is a good one.

Vanilla Sky

Tom Cruise stars in this trippy science fiction romance movie, so it’s definitely a different take on your classic romantic comedy. Some of the scenes are imagined, while others are real, but if you’re willing to pay attention to the actual storyline too, you won't be lost.

Something In The Air

If you’re looking for something with a little more class, if you will, the French movie Something in the Air might be the perfect Hulu movie to satisfy your appetite on Valentine’s Day. It follows a group of people as they experiment with drugs and sex over the course of one summer.

Kiss Of The Damned

If you’re looking for a hot movie for Valentine’s Day and you’re also into vampires, then you should probably check out Kiss of the Damned. Milo Ventimiglia co-stars as a writer who falls for a vampire and engages in some seriously R-rated sex scenes that verge on a more risqué rating.

The Blue Room

After a married man and woman engage in an affair, things turn deadly when the woman asks him to kill for her. When a body turns up, the question of whodunit suddenly comes into focus.


54 is follows the patrons and employees of '70s club Studio 54 as they fall in love, chase their dreams, and discover that it’s not all bright lights and glitter.


xx/xy explores what happens when a man enters into an open relationship with two women at once, with both of their knowledge of the arrangement. Look out for the Popsicle blowjob scene specifically.

If you’re looking for romance, steamy sex scenes, or a combination of both, there’s something for you to watch on Hulu on Valentine’s Day. I can't promise that you won't need to put your 3-year-old back to bed four times throughout your movie marathon, but it’s an easy alternative to dealing with Valentine's Day crowds.