11 Interesting Sex Positions For Experienced Long-Term Couples

Sex and long-term couples; it's basically a joke, right? The punchline is always something about never having sex again, but I think that's far from the truth. Although sex with a long-term partner may become less frequent than it did when you two started dating, there's no reason it has to become boring or obsolete. In fact, there are some interesting sex positions for experienced couples that can really bring some oomph to your sex life.

You definitely don't have to get rid of the standards, though. Missionary, doggy-style, and spooning are all great sex positions and perfect for any couple. But when you're in a long-term relationship and have some experience in the bedroom, there's a huge level of trust you can play with. You know what your partner likes and they know what you like. You know what kind of positions might be intimidating for them, and you know the positions you're capable of doing. And, the best part, if a position doesn't work out, there's no reason to feel embarrassed or nervous to quit. It's your SO. You have the trust and comfort level to simply tell them what you think.

And jazzing up a night of sex doesn't have to mean toys and whipped cream and chains. (Although, be my guest.) With these 11 interesting sex positions, you and your partner can experience some mind-blowing ways to get each other off, and maybe find a new favorite position.


The Spider

Trust me, this is one spider you'll definitely be interested in. According to Women's Health, the spider resembles the crab walk a bit with your pelvis above your partner's and your legs draped over the sides of his. You're both able to thrust and control the movements, so you can pick up speed together or bring on some crazy hot friction.


The Waterfall

Also known as the head rush, this position can be really hot for your man. Men's Health suggests your partner lay on the edge of the bed with his head and shoulders on the floor. You then climb on top and straddle him, using your feet as leverage on the edge of the bed. The blood rush to your SO's head can create an intense orgasm. (Just be sure to take a break if things are getting a little too much.)


Bootyful View

So many positions focus on your partner getting full view of your behind, but the bootyful view position really delivers. Cosmopolitan says this one is a bit of a challenge, but worth it. Have your SO sit on the bed with their legs outstretched and you turn around and straddle them, slowly lowering yourself down. Once you're in your partner's lap, you extend your legs back so your body can lay on the bed between your partner's legs. They get an excellent view of your booty and you can use the bed as leverage to thrust and rock.


The Cross

It's always sexy to check out your partner during sex, but according to Bustle, the cross position puts your SO in a new, hot angle. Have them lay on their side while you lay perpendicular to them with your legs over their side. Scoot down so that her partner can penetrate you, and enjoy the new look of your SO and all of the opportunities to touch both the top and bottom of each other.


The Trapeze

It may be called the trapeze, but there's no sparkly spandex here. YourTango describes the trapeze position as thrilling and it totally sounds it. Have your SO sit on the edge of the bed while you straddle them, wrapping your legs around their waist. Once you're relaxed, bend your body backwards so that you're leaning upside down while your partner is under you. They will most definitely appreciate that sexy view of your bod.



Doggy style is a classic for a reason, but the corkscrew position is a fun take on the same benefits. Women's Health recommends this position for a tight penetration from your partner as it requires you to find the edge of a bed and rest on the hip and forearm of one side while pressing your legs together. Your partner can then stand and straddle you from behind.


The Golden Gate

Apparently it's not just some little ol' bridge in San Fran, the golden gate is also a great sex position according to Redbook. It's a super hot variation of missionary where you can either drape your legs over your SO's shoulders, or place your feet flat against their chest. It makes thrusting easier for him, and you can also have more reign to rock your hips in sync with his thrusts.


The Bawdy Bobsled

Everyone knows the classic reverse cowgirl and how great it can be for both you and your SO, but next time, try the bawdy bobsled. According to Cosmopolitan, you both get in the standard reverse cowgirl position, but your SO sits up so they have plenty of ways to touch your breasts and clitoris while you ride them in the speed you want.


The Sofa Spread-Eagle

Cosmopolitan rates this position as a bit of a challenge, but the sofa spread-eagle is still one to try. You need a couch or a bed (or even two chairs), so that you can stand on the edge. Yep, standing. Spread your legs wide and have your partner stand in front of you. You may have to bend your knees for your bodies to meet, but it's great friction on your clitoris and you'll feel like you're in a porn.


The Bridge

I love any and all sexy variations of missionary, so the bridge position sounds like a must. Bustle says the bridge is a great way to experience some deep penetration as you and your partner get in classic missionary position, but your SO sits up so that he's resting on his ankles and spreads his knees wide. You put your feet flat on the bed and raise your hips, creating a bridge-like stance. Your partner can then hold on tight to your hips to help with thrusting and you'll both have access to your clitoris.


The Fusion

Men's Health calls this a great position for your guy, but it's super sexy for you, too. The fusion position requires your partner to sit with his legs forward, so you can sit in between his thighs. Have him penetrate you with your legs up over his shoulders and your arms bracing most of your weight. The two of you can take turns thrusting, and it's also a great build-up for sex.