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These Kid-Safe Lip Balms At Target Are Definitely Going To End Up In Your Purse

You probably put lotion on your kids post-bath, and slather them in sunscreen before heading out for the day. We pay so much attention to protecting our kids' delicate skin, it’s easy to forget that lips need a little TLC too, and not just in the winter months. Luckily, there are tons of products that can help protect your little one's pucker from the elements, and perhaps even more fortunately, most of them can be found on the shelves of the store where you spend all your time anyway. That's right, the best kid-safe lip balms at Target will make sure summertime chapped lips don't happen at your house.

It's no surprise that Target has so many appealing and affordable options, since it *is* the happiest place on earth... but you won’t find any mint-flavored options on this list, because as my 2-year-old nephew once said through tears, “Chapstick is way too spicy.” Instead, these balms are made largely with natural ingredients in kid-friendly flavors like watermelon and coconut.

And because these tiny tubes often disappear without a trace, or "disappear" with a major trace by leaving oil stains all over your clothes after a trip through the dryer, (seriously be careful out there) some of our favorite kid-friendly lip balms come packaged in multiples so you have a back-up option ready to go.