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11 Kids At Camp Romper Give Their Best Advice For A Happy Life

by Nina Matti
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Good advice on how to be happy can come from the most unexpected places. Sometimes, adults over complicate things that are actually really simple, and all you really need is the fresh perspective of someone without much life experience at all — that's where kids come in. I spent the day at Camp Romper, Romper’s day-long summer camp for families, to get some advice from kids about how to live the happiest life. After all, kids can be oddly wise beyond their years when you really listen, and honestly, who has a better life than a kid spending the day at camp?

Camp Romper took place in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on Sunday, Sept. 22, when families were invited to create memories together through musical performances, arts and crafts, yoga, food, drink, and so much more. Since you never really know just who that life-changing advice is going to come from, I thought the Romper kids would be a great place to start. No matter how old you are or how much life experience you gain, though, there's always someone out there who knows more than you, and, let's be honest, it's usually your mom... or, you know, your own child.


Do what makes you happy.

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"Do your favorite things. Mine is playing video games, of course." — Addai, 9

"One time, me and my cousins went to the water park. That made me happy." — Sureya, 6

"I like brushing my teeth because I eat candy a lot." — Gazsi, 4

("Sometimes he brushes his teeth in the middle of the day, just for fun." — big brother Addai)


Apologies make the world go round.

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"When you say sorry, that makes me happy." — Nyla, 3


Listen to what your body needs (and play).

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"Eat cheese." — Josephine, 3

"Play with toys." – Ivy, 3


Be generous to others (and play more).

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"Young people give old people money so they can buy something and become rich." – Nell, 6

"Play with friends." – Esmé, 4


Have we mentioned the importance of playing?

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"Play games. Hello Neighbor, Minecraft, and Fortnite." – Noah, 7


Oh, don’t forget to play.

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"Play soccer." – Leann, 5


And no matter what, it's all about family.

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"Have a baby." – Elijah, age 4

(Elijah's mom is pregnant, and he is clearly very excited to be a big brother!)

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