11 Kosher Hanukkah Recipes Perfect For Hanukkah This Year

BWith Hanukkah quickly approaching, you may be on the lookout for tasty kosher recipes to share with your family and friends. Yes, even those who rely on their Bubbe's 100-year old recipes may be trying to spice up their feast during the Festival of Lights. And though it isn't hard to come across mouth-watering latkes or traditional Hanukkah desserts, finding delicious main courses and side dishes can prove to be a bit of a challenge. So if you're looking to switch things up this holiday season and try something new, why not test out one of these 11 kosher Hanukkah recipes.

As with all holidays, we know you'd rather spend time with your loved ones than spend your whole day slaving away in the kitchen. So with that in mind, all of these recipes are 100 percent do-able; made with simple ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Whether you've celebrated Hanukkah your whole life, or are just looking to try something new this year, these recipes will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to your holiday season table. With everything from spiced chai tea bread to chicken with a Mediterranean flair, and even something for the adventurous (savory stuffed donuts anyone?), there's a recipe for every taste.


Pomegranate Brisket With Cranberry Succotash

This delicious pomegranate brisket recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat is slow cooked with red wine and plenty of seasonings, and is topped off with a delicious cranberry pomegranate succotash. It's an unexpected twist to the traditional Hanukkah main dish.


Herb Roasted Potatoes With Sour Cream Dip

If latkes are a little too much work, Hungry Couple NYC's roasted potatoes would make the perfect alternative.


Chai Tea Callah Bread

Imperial Sugar's chai tea bread is the perfect winter treat. And don't let looks deceive you; it's easy to make too!


Mexican Potato Latkes

Oy caramba! What Jew Wanna Eat's Mexican latkes give the traditional Hannukah dish an extra kick with ingredients like jalapeños, red peppers, and a delicious avocado cream sauce to top it all off.


Honey Butter Cornbread

The Merry Thought's honey butter cornbread makes a perfect companion to any main dish, and also an excellent dessert.


Chicken Shish Kebab

A traditional Greek dish, Taste and Tell's chicken shish kebabs with homemade tsatziki sauce adds a fun twist to your Hanukkah celebrations.


Chickpea Burger With Israeli Salad

Want a more casual Hanukkah dinner? Hungry Couple NYC's chickpea burger makes a great main course.


Butternut Squash, Kale, And Quinoa Salad

This butternut, kale, and quinoa salad from Simply Scratch is the perfect light side to serve alongside some latkes.


Edamame Hummus With Homemade Crackers

Though Lisa from Parsley Sage Sweet calls this hummus recipe part of the "daring bakers" series, it's actually very simple to make and has a gluten-free option for the crackers to boot.


Chicken Meatballs With Tarragon Sauce

Hungry Couple NYC's chicken meatballs have the makings of your new favorite Hanukkah comfort food.


Savory Sufganiyot

Even though this recipe has a plethora of words I can't pronounce, What Jew Wanna Eat's savory donuts look delicious. They're definitely not your run of the mill glazed donut, but would make a great appetizer or side dish.

Images: Courtesy of Imperial Sugar; What Jew Wanna Eat; Hungry Couple NYC; Imperial Sugar; What Jew Wanna Eat; The Merry Thought; Taste and Tell; Hungry Couple NYC; Simply Scratch; Parsley Sage Sweet; Hungry Couple NYC; What Jew Wanna Eat