11 Last-Minute Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Get You To December 25

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone I know is down to the wire on wrapping presents, picking up stocking stuffers, and finding last minute Elf on the Shelf ideas. Gone are the early days of December when their family's Elf was wrapping the entire Christmas tree in toilet paper and baking a dozen Pinterest-perfect sugar cookies. Now everyone's lucky if they remember to move the darn thing.

Are you in that camp, too? Look, I think the Elf on the Shelf is cute, fun, and a great way to get your kids excited about Christmas, but I can also tell that it's totally overwhelming. Even when your Elf takes a break or two just to chill on the fireplace, you still want to do something creative and fun, right? But no one wants to clean up spilled sugar after your Elf makes "snow angels" or tear wrapping paper off the toilet just to take a pee break. And what about those elaborate set-ups where you've basically blocked off your living room for the day because no one can touch the elf to get him off the couch? Ain't nobody got time for that, especially this close to Christmas.

These 11 last-minute Elf on the Shelf ideas from other parents are just as fun and creative as the big plans you had in early December, but are easy enough to complete in just a few minutes. ( And thank God, because I know you haven't even started putting together that dollhouse yet.)


Fridge Raiding

Your kids will love opening the fridge in the morning to find their Elf literally chilling. Just remember that little fella is in there when you're looking for the coffee creamer at 6 a.m.


Syrup Chugging

What better way to introduce your children to one of the Elf's main food groups than sticking him with a bottle of syrup and a straw?


Zip Lining

A little bit of string and a shelf are all you need to make it look like your elf was caught zip lining back in from the North Pole. No need to have it take up the entire kitchen ceiling either.


Rolling With The Homies

Surround your elf with some of your kids' favorite toys, especially if they're connected to something off of their Christmas wish list.


Tree Decorating

Got a tiny plant or a group of succulents in your house? Give your Elf some glitter and twine and let them go to town.


Working Out

Your Elf will be swole in time for Christmas with this little set-up. It only takes seconds and makes your elf look like a total badass.


Hot Tubbing

Pick your favorite princess to enjoy a little hot tub action in the kettle on your stove.


Graffiting The Christmas Cards

This one is too cute and your kids will find it totally hilarious. Use those leftover Christmas cards as objects for your elf to graffiti with funny faces and jokes. Especially the "I'm a poop head" caption!


Apron Swinging

Got an apron hanging in your kitchen? Stuff your elf in the pocket so he can rest up for the big night.



Put your Elf on some piece of kitchen equipment you don't use, and throw some glittery, festive pom poms all around. Definitely gives a Christmas feel without a giant mess.



Mini marshmallows and a marker put your elf in a gaming mood with your kids' favorite toys. Have the Elf make another set of tic tac toe marshmallows for your kids to play with!

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