11 Last Minute 'Game Of Thrones' Costumes That Are Easy As Hot Pie

When choosing your Halloween costume for this year, one theme is a go-to: Game of Thrones. The epic HBO show has converted legions in fans in the past few years, and it's no wonder the show has inspired so many excellent Halloween costumes. However, you don't have to be a Hollywood-level costumer to pull off a Westeros vibe. These last minute Game of Thrones costumes are easy to pull together but still clever enough to please your fellow GOT fans. Caution: there are major plot spoilers ahead if you're not caught up on Game of Thrones, so proceed with caution.

By raiding your closet, past years' Halloween ensembles, or the nearest discount costume shop, you can recreate the basic vibes of your favorite GOT characters. If you have a little more time, then ordering a funny prop or two from Amazon can take your look to the next level. But if you're trying to scrape together a costume for tonight? No problem. Use these costumes as inspiration to create your own looks from whatever supplies you have on hand. Seriously: there's a lot you can do with an old cardboard box or a black maxi dress. Whatever look you choose, wear it with pride and honor.

(Once again for the kids in the back: spoilers ahead!)


The Dragon(s)

Leave it to professional cosplayers to construct jaw-dropping dragon costumes. This look is charmingly homespun. Simply put on a dragon costume hat ($14, Etsy). Next, throw on some costume dragon wings ($28, Amazon) or a cool dragon wing scarf ($58, Etsy). If you're the crafty sort, DIY your own version by drawing wings on an old scarf or towel.


Hot Pie

Why not dress as Arya's old friend? A simple black tunic ($15+, Amazon) or robe, adjustable chef hat ($6, Amazon), and a a plate of baked goods will do the trick. To be extra, incorporate the Hot Pie direwolf bread earrings ($3, Etsy) into your look. Scream "Hot Pies!" at random intervals.


Lady Olenna

In Lady Olenna's swan song, the Queen of Thorns was bold and daring as ever. To honor her, get a black maxi dress ($75, Modcloth), basic black balaclava ($10, Amazon), and drape a long black scarf ($40, Etsy) over your head. Maybe fix it to a square piece of cardboard to get the medieval headdress shape? Go out and be fierce.


Dany In The White Coat

When she and her dragons head north, Dany wears a remarkable white fur coat. To copy this look, get a long blonde wig ($21, Amazon) and a white faux fur overcoat ($66, Amazon). Go slay those wights.


Baby Euron Greyjoy

If you're dressing up an infant this Halloween, why not use the villain from the Iron Islands as inspiration? Get a cute Greyjoy baby bodysuit ($20, Cafe Press) and a costume mustache ($7, Amazon). Maybe just use the mustache for photo purposes, though, because most babies would 100 percent try to eat it.



Pay homage to Arya's wild direwolf. Pair a that's not you shirt ($25, Etsy) with a wolf mask and gloves ($20, Amazon). Now lead your pack to the nearest Halloween party.


Sparring Brienne of Tarth

Brienne and Arya's sparring scene is great fun. Get a short blonde wig ($11, Amazon), a PVC sword ($45, Etsy), and a knight armor costume ($77, Amazon). If the full armor is too much, then a Brienne of Tarth shirt ($25, HBO Store) will work perfectly. Find a shorter buddy to spar with you.


Tormond Crushing On Brienne

Tormond's fierce love for Brienne created some real moments of levity this season. Get a wild red wig ($10, Amazon) and a Tormund + Brienne shirt ($13, Amazon). Prepare to declare your love.


The Sassy Hound

"You think you're fooling anyone with that topknot?" said The Hound in Season 7, Episode 1. The entire internet lost its mind. Seriously, though: with his cracks about man buns and a newfound sense of humanity, The Hound is easily one of the show's most likable characters.

Celebrate his sass with this simple getup. Get a medieval dog mask ($21, Amazon) and a shirt with some bite. The I heart a good top knot shirt ($35, Etsy) is on-point.


Baby Jon Snow

Be honest: you expected the scene with baby Jon Snow to show an infant with long black locks, right? Make that look a reality with this outfit. Simply use a swaddle blanket ($9, Amazon) and a curly baby wig ($8, Amazon) to transform your little one.


Wight In A Box

First, get a large cardboard box ($1, The Home Depot). Next, put on a zombie costume ($34, Amazon) and hide in the box. Then, make someone open the box. You're a wight in a box.

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