11 Last Minute Halloween Decorations You Probably Already Have In The House

As Halloween approaches, you'll probably fall into one of two camps. The first, people who pull out their fall decorations at the end of August and have neatly packed totes full of plastic pumpkins, spooky spiders, and fake cobwebs to deck their halls for Halloween. The second camp, and perhaps, the more heavily populated one, is made up of those who consistently wait till two minutes before Halloween to think about decorating. They're forced to think of last minute Halloween decorations using things they already have in the house.

If you fall into the last minute decor camp, chances are the thought of decorating your house is just another "to-do" on your long list. Along with getting the kids their costumes, thinking of something somewhat festive for yourself to wear, rounding up Halloween candy, and mapping out your trick-or-treating quest, decorating for the holiday might be low on your priorities.

However, whether you're decorating for a big party or just for your family's enjoyment, getting your house holiday-ready doesn't have to be stressful. These decoration ideas are all just as festive and spooky as any you'd buy at a store and, to sweeten the deal, all use items you can probably find laying around your house.


Upcycled Halloween Lanterns

Using paint and upcycled juice cartons, Aunt Peaches has an adorable Jack-O-Lantern-esque Halloween tutorial that you don't want to miss. Pair these with a string of white holiday lights, and you've got yourself a spookalicious tableau.


Skull String Art

Although this one may be more on the time consuming side, the ladies at A Beautiful Mess created this gorgeous skull string art that only requires string, nails, and a canvas... and, okay, some patience. But the result is definitely worth it!


Vacant Home

So easy it's almost funny, Julie Blanner suggested decorating your home as a vacant, haunted house. All you need is to stop cleaning your house, throw white sheets over your furniture (bonus points for adding a fake skeleton underneath), and scattering empty bottles or leaves throughout.


Zombie Silhouette

Use your kids as the models for this creepy window silhouette from Crafter Hours


Lace Ghosts

Another genius (and kind of pretty) idea from A Beautiful Mess is to make hanging ghosts from lace tablecloths and balls. It doesn't get much simpler than that.


Tin Can Ghost Wind Chime

If you're looking for an easy way to reuse tin cans, Creative Green Living suggested painting them white and stringing three together to make a spooky, noisy, Halloween wind chime.


Halloween Paper Gallery Wall

For this idea, all you have to do is take down your current decorations and fill the empty frames with black cut outs of Halloween themed designs. Delia Creates used black paper, and the end result is minimalistic and classic.


Patterned Pumpkins

Everyone has a few pumpkins lying around their house this time of year. Lovely Indeed used a black pen to give her white pumpkins a geometric, edgy Halloween makeover.


Blackboard Halloween Sign

The front porch is the first area guests and trick-or-treaters see, so why not make it the focal point of your decorations? Natalme created a gorgeous Halloween blackboard that could easily be switched out with a spooky phrase or design. She used an old sign, but you could paint a cookie sheet black for the same effect!


Easy Paper Garland

Whip up some DIY paper garlands with this easy-to-follow tutorial on The House That Lars Built. Stick with all black, or go for some orange and purple for a more colorful look.


Apple Candle Votives

How cute are these apple candle votives from This Grandma Is Fun? All you'll need for this are some apples, and yes, some votive candles.

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