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11 Last-Minute Mother-Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas

There's nothing like rushing around for a last-minute Halloween costume. And when you and your kid both need one, it can be even more stressful. Luckily, there are some great last-minute mother-daughter Halloween costume ideas to keep you festive and cohesive.

Don't worry, donning a group costume with your daughter doesn't mean you have to be the sensible, plain Jane character to your daughter's wild costume. Not only are there plenty of strong, fun, important characters that you can dress up as for Halloween, but there are some great lessons to be learned from famous mother-daughter duos. I mean, nothing represents girl power more than a strong pair of ladies, right?

But not every last minute costume requires dressing exactly like a character from a book or TV show. You and your little girl can create some great cohesive costumes with items from your closet and just in time for Halloween. This is a time of the year to have fun, let loose, and not take yourself too seriously. And if that means wearing a giant pink party dress while walking down your neighborhood collecting mini Kit-Kat bars, then so be it.

So get together with your daughter and try out any of these 11 last minute mother-daughter Halloween costume ideas. They are easy, they are cheap, and they will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Madeline & Miss Clavel

You may not have to keep up with 12 little girls in two straight lines, but you have to keep up with your own tot, which can be tough.All your girl needs to be Madeline is a yellow dress ($19), a yellow coat ($21), and a yellow hat ($6). (If you have some black ribbon hanging around, add it to the hat for an extra effect.) To play Miss Clavel, you just need a blue skirt ($21), a collared shirt ($16), and a blue cloak or poncho ($27) to give the illusion of a full outfit like Miss Clavel wears in the stories.


Molly & Ginny Weasley

The ultimate mother daughter pair, Molly and Ginny Weasley both embody total bad*ss women roles in the Harry Potter series. To take on the role as the red-headed matriarch, you'll need a long floral skirt ($19), a bright cardigan ($11), and your favorite brown boots ($40). Your little Ginny can wear a black skirt ($17), black tights ($9), white collared shirt ($11), a gray sweater ($17), and of course, her Gryffindor tie ($10).


Suffragette & Rosie The Riveter

With you dressed as a suffragette and your little feminist dressed as Rosie the Riveter, you two will make the ultimate lady duo. You'll need a long black skirt ($22), a high collar white shirt ($17), white gloves ($5), a straw hat ($9), and your best button-up boots ($55). Don't forget to make a Votes for Women sash. Your little Rosie will need her favorite jeans ($7), a denim shirt ($15) with the sleeves rolled up, and a red and white polka dot bandanna ($9) around her hair.


Dr. Maisha McStuffins & Doc McStuffins


Two doctors in the family? That's just begging for a costume. I'm sure your little Doc McStuffins already has a Doc McStuffins kit ($15), so all she needs is some pink leggings ($9) to wear under a pink skirt ($17) with a purple and white striped shirt ($16) and her doctor coat ($17). To play her mom, Dr. Maisha McStuffins, you'll need some denim capris ($20), a green and white striped shirt ($15), a doctor's coat ($12), and a stethoscope ($11) for an extra accessory.


Librarian & Book Worm

Got a tiny bookworm on your hands? Dress your avid reader as a book worm and you can be the librarian. All your girl needs is a green dress ($17), a green hat ($9) for the worm head, some glasses ($4), and her favorite books. All you need is your favorite cardigan ($20), collared shirt ($7), long skirt ($22), glasses ($7), and your own books.


Miss Honey & Matilda

For more literature-inspired costumes, try dressing as Miss Honey and Matilda from Roald Dahl's Matilda. It's a super easy and sweet costume and both of you will love it. All you need to wear is a floral dress ($22), a pink cardigan ($18), and a pair of glasses ($4). Dress your sweet Matilda in a blue collared dress ($15) and a red hair ribbon ($2). Add books for an extra oomph.


Morticia & Wednesday Addams

They're creepy and they're cooky, mysterious and spooky. The ladies of The Addams Family deserve some costume love on Halloween, right? Dress as Morticia with a long, black wig ($23) and your favorite long black dress ($30). Your little Wednesday just needs black tights ($5) and a collared black dress ($13) to pull off the spooky look.


Mom Tiger & Daniel Tiger

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One of the most popular kid and mom pairings in television right now are Mom Tiger and Daniel Tiger from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Luckily, their outfits are super easy to pull off. All your daughter needs is her favorite red sneakers ($30) and red hoodie ($9), along with a pair of tiger ears ($7). You'll need tiger ears ($9), too, plus a pair of jeans ($10) and your favorite floral shirt ($13). Ugga mugga, Tiger family.


Lucy & Ethel

They're the two best friends anyone could ask for and while they aren't mother and daughter, their relationship certainly has some parts of the dynamic. (Obviously your kid is Lucy — who else could talk you into those schemes?) Little Lucy just needs a polka dot dress ($24) and you need a nice collared dress ($24) with a cardigan ($20) to be Ethel.


Glinda The Good Witch & Dorothy

Got a tiny dreamer on your hands? Take a walk down the Yellow Brick Road with her in a blue gingham dress ($16) and sparkly red shoes ($15) as Dorothy while you don your favorite pink party dress ($40) and crown ($7) as Glinda the Good Witch. (Even if sometimes your daughter thinks you're more like the Wicked Witch.)


Dorothy Zbornak & Sophia Petrillo

And finally, the best mother daughter duo ever — Dorothy Zbornak and Sophia Petrillo. Since your daughter is probably smaller than you, dress her as the sassy mother from Sicily. Picture it — she needs some glasses ($4), a plaid dress ($17), and a cardigan ($18). To portray the fashion icon that is Dorothy Zbornak, you can raid some thrift stores for things with shoulder pads, or wear your favorite black slouchy boots ($50), long black skirt ($13), slouchy turtleneck ($30), and a loud patterned cardigan ($20). You two are officially half of The Golden Girls. Aw, Ma.