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11 Life Hacks To Make You More Like Beyonce, Because Who Doesn't Want To Be Bey

by Meg Kehoe

Looking in the mirror, I can tell you, I absolutely did not wake up like this. I am not ***flawless, and I will never be on the same level as Queen Bey. But I’ll be damned if that’s going to stop me from trying. That’s why I’m going to be spending the rest of 2016 implementing some life hacks to be more like Beyoncé.

On the heels of her Formation World Tour announcement, the desire to emulate Bey is at an all time high. But how does one set out to become more like the queen of everything? The obvious answers require you to buy Bey's wardrobe, drop unexpected music videos in the middle of the night, master her choreography, cultivate an aesthetic that both surprises and pleases your bands of endless followers... you get the idea.

Although these suggestions sound glorious, they're not all that accessible for grown women who are on the ground level of creating their own empires. However, there are plenty of life hacks that can help you attain that lifelong goal of becoming more like Beyoncé. So put on your favorite Beyoncé tune, and prepare to embark on the journey that is becoming more like Beyoncé every day.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

From "Bootylicious" to "Formation," Beyoncé isn't afraid to address any topic. Take note from the Queen, and make a promise to yourself to make bold moves in your everyday.


Surround Yourself With Strong Women

Powerful women make the greatest friends, regardless of what kind of power they wield. Between her mother, her sister, Nicki, and the ladies of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé always seems to be surrounded by women who do the damn thing. Surrounding yourself with women who are strong, talented, and successful in their own right is key.


Keep Your Private Life Private

For a family that's in the spotlight, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Blue keep things pretty under wraps. So do the same. Keeping your personal life on lockdown while at work can only help you excel in your career, and allow you to be fully devoted to your family when with them.


Keep Your Family Close

One of my favorite things about Beyoncé is that she hasn't forgotten her roots. She keeps her family and friends by her side, which is key to keeping you sane in the midst of craziness.


Take Risks

Beyoncé is unafraid to take risks. And although those risks don't always play out for the Queen, she knows that unless you try, you'll never know.


Respect Yourself

Anthem after anthem, Beyoncé has taught me how to love myself. Whether it's teaching me to be a proud single lady to helping me rethink the definition of flawless, Bey respects herself, she loves herself, and she lets everyone around her know. The moment you start respecting yourself, everyone around you will take note.


Stand Up For What You Believe

Bey took her social commentary to a blazing level when she announced that she was a feminist in front of an audience of millions, pushing that door open for further conversation, and giving feminism the spotlight. What do you believe in? What are you passionate about? Social causes, organizations, trumpet your belief in them, and make them visible.


Be Passionate About Your Work

If there's one thing you can't deny, it's that Bey's passion comes through in everything she does, and that in itself elevates her level of success. Whether you're in the arts or finance, be passionate about your work. If you're stuck in a 9 to 5 just to grab that check, try finding something outside of traditional work that you're passionate about.


Stay Motivated

Set rewards for yourself to keep you on track with your goals, or display reminders of your past achievements to motivate you on grey days.


Find A Fierce Alter Ego

A la Beyoncé and Mindy, get yourself a fierce alter ego to channel when you're feeling down and out. My alter ego has an EGOT, and a closet more impressive than all of the Kardashians combined. She also speaks her mind, loves herself unconditionally, and is an all around badass. I channel her before big meetings, and sometimes just before getting on the treadmill.


Dance It Out

When in doubt, turn up the Beyoncé and dance it out. Nothing makes you feel at one with Queen Bey quite like blasting her tunes and shaking your groove thang to her beats. Whether you've learned a dance routine or you're just whipping your hair around to Déjà Vu, channel your inner Bey, and she will come.