11 Little Things To Do During Oral Sex To Make It Better

I think everyone can agree that there's just something about oral sex, right? I mean, pretty much any sexual act with your partner is a good thing, but the intimacy levels and, let's be honest here, the intensity of an orgasm during oral sex can't be beat. Because it's such a great part of a couple's sex life, it's no wonder that so many people are looking for little things to do during oral sex to make it better.

And you know what? Those little things people are looking for apply to both receiving and giving. As a giver of oral sex, you might be trying to find a new way to turn your partner on, but you're also interested in making the act hotter for you. Because if you're not getting turned on by getting your partner off, it's kind of a dull act, right?

For those receiving oral sex, wanting to make it better makes even more sense. If you can turn a good orgasm into a great one, why not? Plus it doesn't hurt that knowing the hotter you are in the moment, the more turned on your partner is.

Oral sex is often considered just a form of foreplay, but with these 11 things that can make it better, you can quickly turn oral sex into more than just a gateway to actual sex — you can make an entire night of tongue action.


Make Eye Contact

There is something incredibly sexy about making eye contact with your partner, no matter if you're the one giving or receiving oral sex. It's such an intimate act and looking your SO directly in the eyes only increases that intimacy.


Use Your Hands

Always remember to use your hands. The power those ten fingers hold is pretty amazing. You can use them while you're giving oral sex by stroking your partner's shaft or clitoris, but you can also use them to tease your SO by rubbing their inner thighs and up their body.


Take Your Time

Why is it such a race to finish oral sex? Take your time giving it. As a woman, I can attest that a lot of ladies appreciate this because it's not always easy to orgasm. Instead of rushing it, really take your time going down on your partner so there's no pressure to cum and you can build up the anticipation.


Touch All The Sensitive Areas

And I don't just mean the area between the legs, but that counts, too. Don't forget that there's more to oral sex than just going up and down on your SO's shaft or licking a clitoris. There are so many other areas to kiss, suck, and nibble, but there's also plenty of sensitive touching you can do while you're going down on your SO. (Like her breasts, for instance.)


Grind Your Hips Against Your Partner's Mouth

If you're going down on your partner, it can really turn you on to realize that your SO is so into it, they can't help but grind their hips back at you. If you're the one receiving, it's just as good. You can help your SO out by applying a little friction of your own, making it feel even better for you.


Watch Your Partner Go Down On You

So hot, y'all. So hot. If you've ever thought porn was arousing, just take a look down to see what your own partner is doing to you. It's like your own erotic movie, except it's actually happening and no one is going to say anything embarrassing.


Touch The Back Of Your Partner's Head

Don't shove it or push it down, but simply run your fingers through your SO's hair and touch the back of their head. It's incredibly sensual for the person giving you oral sex, but it can also remind you of what's going on down there and turn you on even more.


Grip Their Hips

When you're going down on your partner, they're already in a pretty intimate and compromised position, giving themselves over to you. So take it up a notch by gripping their hips while you're down there. It feels dirty and sexy, but it also gives you the control you need to move their body so you can hit the right spots.


Make Some Noise

Another tip no matter if you're giving or receiving — make some noise. Let your partner know they're doing a good job and let your partner know that you are so turned on by getting them off that you can't keep it in anymore.


Take Control

Again, this position already requires giving up a little control, but with your partner's consent, you can make it even moreso. Tie up their hands, blindfold them — get a little dominant and really show them what you mean by pleasuring them with your mouth only.


Know Your Limits

Look, getting deep during a blowjob is sexy and so is flipping your girl into a 69 position, but it's not always feasible. What's really sexy is knowing your limits, but still turning both you and your partner on. Don't worry about trying to recreate those porn clips, just do what you're good at and I promise, your partner will love it.