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11 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Lessons Every Parent With Twins Should Pay Attention To

Parenting lessons can be found almost anywhere, but when it comes to parenting twins, I imagine there's a huge learning curve. I mean, two babies? Two toddlers? Two children? How do you even know how to foster their individuality while keeping in mind that they're twins? I'm sure there's plenty of lessons to be read from a book, but I think there are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen lessons every twin parent should pay attention to.

Maybe it's because I grew up watching the Olsen twins, but they are definitely the ones I'd turn to if I needed to model my twin parenting strategy. The two are incredibly close, but still retain a lot of their individuality, making them the perfect goal for raising twins. You don't want to always call them "the twins," but you want to respect their crazy-cool bond, too. Mary Kate and Ashley always managed to portray these lessons in their movies, TV shows, and in the rest of their global takeover. I can remember buying their fashion dolls and marveling at how each came with different accessories, yet they were still similar in other aspects. Simple concept, but it helped me understand that despite being twins, they were still two individual sisters. These lessons from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen can help you parent your own twins, whether you're worried that they're going to trick you into thinking they are the other sibling (um, they so are) or if you're nervous that they're more alike than different. Raising twins may be hard, but with the Olsen girls on it, you've got the gear and everything. (Don't forget your magnifying glass and trench coat.)


They Will Totally Switch Places On You

I mean, any parent of identical or super similar-looking fraternal twins needs to be wary of this, but Mary Kate and Ashley have played this little game several times in their movies. Just be prepared, OK? Because you think you can tell the difference until one of them dons a backwards hat and the other puts on lacy gloves.


They Will Be Each Other's Best Friends

While it's fine to encourage them to have other friends and to bond with other siblings, I think it's safe to assume that they are going to be besties regardless.


And They Will Gang Up On Everyone

The Olsen twins did try to sell their brother once after all. Twins can be a dynamic duo and they are always a unit, especially up against the rest of the world.


Slumber Parties Are Going To Be Bananas

Like, seriously. Both of your twins plus their friends? Chaos will ensue.


It's OK If They Are More Alike Than Different

I've heard that some twin moms panic a bit about how alike their kids are and worry that they aren't expressing their individuality enough. But it's totally fine if your twins are more alike than different and the Olsens are proof of this. Together, they were both actors and are now both major parts of the fashion industry. Having similar interests and hobbies doesn't set them up for a hard time in life.


And It's OK If They Are Polar Opposites

Yup, totally normal for your twins to show off their opposite personalities and have nothing in common. It doesn't disrupt their relationship or bond.


They Will Have Their Own Secret Bond

One you will never, ever understand. They will be able to communicate without speaking and they will be able to talk around you without you ever noticing. Good luck trying to keep up with their schemes.


They Are Going To Argue, Too

They still have their own personalities and they may even argue over being twins as they crave their own individuality. But it's normal, just like siblings arguing in general.


They'll Execute Some Great Ideas Together

They might have a detective agency one day, they might create a fashion empire, and they might become mega-millionaires before they've even hit 30. I don't know if it's the allure of twins or their incredible bond that makes them work so well together, but your twins can do some pretty great things.


They'll Balance Each Other Out

Whether they are alike or different, the twins will be able to balance each other out. By having their bond and being able to read each other, they'll be able to keep each other level and offer support without dashing their sibling's dreams.


They'll Always Be A Team

No matter what, your twins will always be a team together. They'll battle through things together, they'll always be there for each other, and no matter if they're on the same path or totally different journeys, they will always be a team together.