11 Memorial Day Memes To Celebrate The Holiday

I love any holiday, but there's something incredibly special about Memorial Day. Not only is it pretty much the official kick-off to summer, it's also one of the more patriotic holidays, even more so than Independence Day, I think. It's a day to remember those who gave it all for our freedom and it means I don't mind seeing my social media flooded with Memorial Day memes.

The day is somber and deserves its respect, but I don't think that means you aren't allowed to have fun. To me, Memorial Day signifies more than a three day weekend and a chance to open your pool, but I think because of the actual meaning behind the holiday, it makes it appropriate to do those fun things. When you're remembering those who gave up their lives to protect this country, you have to remember that they didn't die in vain. They died for a reason and that reason was your freedom. To argue that you aren't allowed to enjoy time with your family or the start of summer on Memorial Day because of the tragedies attached to it doesn't make any sense. You can be respectful of the day and still soak up the time with your loved ones, just like those soldiers were fighting for you to do.

So in honor of Memorial Day, spread some love for the holiday with these 11 Memorial Day memes. Remember the meaning behind the holiday, and enjoy your weekend.


There Is A Difference

Give your veterans a hug in November, but remember those who are no longer here this weekend, OK?


The Greatest Love Of All

What a legacy to leave behind.


Freedom Isn't Free

So it deserves some respect and gratitude.



This is one of those times where "thank you" doesn't even begin to cut it.


Know The Difference

Again, there's a huge difference. Know it, my friend.


Remember The Fallen

And remember how bravely and valiantly they fought.


The True Meaning

You can enjoy your weekend, but don't forget to remember those who gave it all.


Be Proud To Owe Them

Think of them during your fun weekend. Without them, you couldn't enjoy it.


It's So Much Bigger Than That

And honoring them with everything you have.


Sing It Loud & Proud

Proudly stand up next to you and defend them still today!


Hug Them Tight

Don't forget to think of the fallen's families, who also sacrificed their lives and love for your freedom.