Courtesy of Steph Montgomery
11 Adorable Photos Of Kids Getting A Pet For The Very First Time

by Steph Montgomery

As anyone who has both pets and kids can tell you, there’s nothing more adorable than your kid getting a pet for the first time. Well, maybe, your furbaby getting a human for the first time? I guess it's a toss up. Either way, when your baby and your pet meet it's a moment you're likely to remember forever, whether it was love at first sight or a "eh, we'll see about you" situation. Chances are high that the initial meet-and-great is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.

I had pets long before I decided to have children, so when I came home from the hospital I had to introduce my baby to their furry siblings. My cats totally didn’t know how to interact with the hairless creatures mom brought home, though. But when my kids were old enough to have pets of their own I was able to experience the pure joy that is watching my kids meet their furry friends on their own terms. Before my pet-loving eyes I watched my kids learn how to take responsibility for their furry and finned friends, and I’m so glad I captured those moments in photograph form so I enjoy them again and again.

Whether your kid came first and helped pick out a pet for your family, or you introduced your pet to your new baby when you first brought them home, these moments will definitely be adorable, special, and Insta-worthy, just like the following:

Hunter & Auggie Meet Archie

Courtesy of Katie Bennett Vance

"Our sweet 14-year-old beagle, Kirby, passed away almost two years ago. Since then the boys have been patiently waiting for another puppy to join our family. We brought Archie home with us when he was 8-weeks-old and the boys spent the day playing and snuggling with him. Auggie would not separate from him all day and insisted on sleeping in our room that night to make sure Archie was OK. Since then, they have all become best buds, minus those moments when the puppy bites get too obnoxious."

Thora & Her Beetles

"Thora was 3 at the time. We were living in Kunming, Yunnan, China. We needed a pet that was small and likely to die before we returned to the United States a few months later, as I did not want to deal with re-homing something beloved. These are what result when meal worms aren't eaten by pet birds or lizards and grow up. She thought they were very fun."

Cam Meets Fin

Courtesy of Lauren Santoro

"We rescued Fin the cat when he and Cam were both 7-months-old. He's overly involved in everything we do."

Courtesy of Lauren Santoro

Ellie Meets Remy

Courtesy of Marc Engle

"Ellianna 'Ellie' is our youngest daughter and came to us at 9-months- old from a foster home that did not have any pets. Upon her arrival, we introduced her to Rembrandt T. Beagle. Her love of animals and joy at meeting Remy was evident immediately. She continues to love all animals, spiders and bugs included (much to my dismay)."

Onyx Meets Raaya

Courtesy of Rini Ghosh Chakraborty

"Onyx the dog was 2 and Raaya our daughter was 3-days-old when they met. We spent a really long time introducing them. My husband sat down with Raaya in his lap, while Onyx laid down on the floor smelling the baby and eating treats. He was so calm and curious. He's 110 pounds so we were always worried about the size, but it took no time at all to train him to never get on the bed while baby was also on it (bathing, changing diapers, etc).

He would check on her and make sure she was where she's supposed to be as soon as he'd get home from a walk or the park. He'd run to the crib, then to playpen, then to bassinet, or then to me to make sure baby was there. Raaya is now 2.5 and totally bosses Onyx around. It's awesome."

Violet Meets Tourka

Courtesy of Amanda Loft

"I saw Touka's ad on the local Humane Society's Facebook page, and I knew we just had to have her. We went to meet her the next morning and fell in love instantly. They used words like 'strong and independent' to describe her, but we found out that was not so much the truth. The moment we walked in she jumped down from her post and came to greet us, leg rubs and all. We took her home the same day and she laid on my lap to sleep. It was like she was already a part of the family."

Piper Meets Colin

Courtesy of Kylie Hawn

"This is my son Colin's first interaction with my dog, Piper. She's an elderly dog at 13 years of age now, so there will be a huge hole in my son's heart when she departs from this world."

Jude Meets Rousseau & Sherlock

Courtesy of Hayley Geisterfer

"I was so worried before Jude arrived that my giant dogs would be jealous or unaware of him and possibly a danger. Instead, since they met him they have been guardians, friends, and playmates."

Wesley Meets Delaney

Courtesy of Elizabeth Cheever

"Wesley was our baby prior to our human baby. He’s our second cat. He was 4-years-old when we brought our human baby home. Delaney loves him now. He’s still a bit skeptical."

Courtesy of Elizabeth Cheever

Amelia & JJ Meet Ruby

Courtesy of Anastasia Buckler

"This is the day that the kids met Ruby, our red corn snake, for the first time. Ruby has been a gateway to lots of herpetological knowledge for the kids. One of their favorite facts about snakes is that they do not have eyelids or ears."

Rebecca Messa Orford

Courtesy of Rebecca Messa Orford

"This is Morgan the cat checking out our new baby. She's never completely forgiven me for bringing home this tiny flailing creature, who has since grown into a large flailing creature who would love to be her friend. When he cried she never wanted to let me get up to tend to him, but instead would give me a look of, 'I know, isn't it horrible? Let's commiserate.'