11 Moves To Make You Orgasm Faster

Sex isn't all about the finish. But when you get there, it sure is nice. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the connection with my lover when I'm doing it, but sometimes I'd like to fast-forward to the good part. That's why searching for moves to make you orgasm faster are nothing to be embarrassed over. In fact, I'm all about them.

What can I say? I'm busy, and I know you are too. Sometimes, you just need to have that orgasm, like right now. Because life is stressful, and according to science, getting off can melt away your anxiety. LA Weekly reported that orgasms produce high levels of endorphins that flush cortisol out of your system. If you didn't know, Mayo Clinic noted that cortisol is the primary hormone that causes stress and can wreck havoc on your overall health. Mayo Clinic also noted that if your body is flooded with cortisol, you are at risk for anxiety, depression, heart problems, sleep problems, memory loss, and digestive problems. Your life is busy enough, you certainly don't need stress to negatively affect your health. Then how do you expect to do all the stuff you need to get done?

Thankfully, your sex life can rescue you from stress-related woes with an orgasm to end your day on a high note. The following moves can take you there without wasting any time. They're just that good.


Girl On Top

Women's Health called girl on top the most valuable position in the bedroom. Why is this move a winner? It puts you in control of your orgasm. You're taking control of the pace, and giving your clit a lot of stimulation. Sex therapist Ava Cadell told Women's Health that girl on top is even better when you bring your knees together and squeeze your pelvic muscles. With this move, you'll have one quick, and intense climax.



There are few things in life that compare to the pleasure of oral sex. A oral sex move that guarantees an orgasm in record time is when you sit on your lover's face, a move that goes by the slang term "queening." You're controlling where you want the attention, so that you climax hard and fast.



Sex educator Dorian Solot told Men's Fitness that women get off on missionary, because the intimacy of the position and the pressure of another's body sends them over the edge.


Coital Alignment Technique

Coital alignment technique (CAT) can be used during missionary to have your partner's penis touch your G-spot at the same time it's touching your clit, according to Men's Health. Simply line up your chest with your partner's and then have him position himself a little higher, so his chest is now resting on your shoulders. Bend your legs at a 45 degree angle and tilt your hips up. This alignment will cause his shaft to have constant contact with your clit. The results are worth the effort. And there's an entire website devoted to mastering the coital alignment technique with demo videos. So study up if you want to master a move that gives you all the feels.


Doggy Style

Frank Kobola wrote in Cosmopolitan that doggy makes a hot sexual finale, where your guy will go hard because, well, most men get super aroused in this position. Doggy style allows for deep penetration so your partner can reach your G-spot while you (or your partner) stimulate your clit at the same time. That's going to get you off, but good.


Doggy Style-Belly Down

Kinkly explains that lying flat on your stomach is stimulating for women who like being submissive, because flat doggy allows men to control the depth of penetration. But you can control how quickly you orgasm if you squeeze your legs together to make penetration tight, and increase the level of friction.


Advanced Doggy

Advanced doggy style requires a pillow and some slight ergonomic adjustments, but this move is a surefire way to climax because it incorporates so many sensations at once. Put the pillow beneath your belly, so it keeps your hips elevated and your butt in the air. Next, have your man enter you so that you're in doggy style-belly down (see above). Finally, your man is going to line his body on top of yours, so that it's pressing down on you. But, instead of keeping his body in an even line with yours, he's going to inch himself forward so his head and shoulders edge out in front. To keep himself propped up, he can grab hold of the pillow.

Once you've got this move down, even though you're below your guy, you'll feel on top of the world.



Sexologist Dr. Laura Berman told Cosmopolitan that when you're in a face-to-face position with your lover, "you have a lot of control over the speed, angle, and motion because you can use your arms and legs to help you maneuver." When you take control, you can help bring yourself to orgasm. The eye-gazing with this move also adds to your stimulation, so you can connect with your lover and get off in record time. Score.


Spooning With Penetration

WebMD reported that a lot of the time, women don't orgasm because they're too tense. Look, I get it, when you're using sex to relax, that fact predicates that you're stressed. An easy move that doesn't require acrobatics or really much effort on your part is spooning with penetration. Yup, this move is as easy as it sounds, and because you're not exerting yourself, you can relax and let the orgasm come to you.


Bent At The Waist

You can try this move in the kitchen, as it requires a table (whipped cream is optional). Men's Health recommended that you lie flat on your back, while your partner bends at the waist to meet you. In other words, this move will get him on your level so you can get off in no time flat. Plus, because you're not in the bedroom, this change of scenery might get you even more aroused.


Modified Cowgirl

With reverse cowgirl, you're on top, so you're calling the shots, explained Cosmopolitan. And that means, you control the pace and motion, to help you get off on your timeline. With modified reverse cowgirl, instead of bouncing up and down, which can be quite strenuous on the legs, you'll be grinding your way to an orgasm. Think of it as girl on top, but at a 180 degree angle. Cosmopolitan added that to reach orgasm quickly, squeeze your legs together and clench, clench, clench.