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11 Nail Polishes That Are SO Summer

Even if you can't be bothered with regular mani-pedis most of the year, you might be more inspired to paint your nails during the summer: Your toes are exposed thanks to sandals and barefoot beach walks, everything from the sky to the flowers to the cocktails are more colorful, and gloves are a thing of the past. Plus, when it's hot outside, you can somehow get away with shades that ordinarily might seem a little too bright or sparkly in the dead of winter. When you're looking for nail polishes that are so summer, neutrals need not apply!

From magical metallics to dreamy sunset hues to colors that make you think of tropical getaways, the hottest polishes this summer are anything but boring. What you want this time of year are toes that will pop against the wet sand and fingers that make everyday feel like a vacation. Anything goes, as long as it's not dull — and don't worry about coordinating your hands and feet, because this is no time to be practical. Whether you're feeling bold or zen or sizzlingly sexy, there's a polish out there to match your every mood. And the best part is, as far as luxuries go, nail polish is more affordable than most.. even higher end options aren't all that pricey when you compare them to a new pair of shoes or a handbag. (That's especially true if you go the DIY manicure route.)

Here are some of the season's most popular colors.

1The Fuschia Is Bright

Essie: The Fuschia Is Bright


The color of exotic island blooms and raspberry slushies, you can't go wrong with this all-purpose bright pink.

2Sun, Sea, & Sand In My Pants

OPI: Sun, Sea, & Sand In My Pants


This is definitely one of those colors that would feel out of place in, say, the middle of January... but this sunshine-in-a-bottle is absolutely perfect in between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Butter: Minted


As cool as a cone of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, a quick glance at your nails will keep you from melting on the sultriest of days.


NARS: Amarapura


Since metallics are super trendy this summer, this edgy silver is ideal for a night out sipping cocktails in the moonlight.


JINsoon: Hope


As stunning as a sunset, this cheerful citrus-y hue is like an instant mood boost.

6Never, Never Land

Deboarah Lippman: Never, Never Land


Like the shimmering scales of a mermaid's tail, this gorgeous iridescent purple seems utterly unicorn inspired.


Julep: Myriam


You've got to have at least one straight-up cherry red in your summer nail polish collection: Like popsicles and heart-shaped sunglasses rims, it's a classic!

8The Future Is Fairy

Nails inc: The Future Is Fairy Nail Polish Duo

Nails inc

If you're pretty sure you were a fairy in your last life and dream about sprouting a pair of glittery wings, this duo is for you. Plus, it looks kind of like the inside of a seashell. Wear each color alone or layer!

9Go For Gold

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Go for Gold


Another entry into the metallics category, this 24-karat color is super fast-drying so you can get to the beach in a flash.

10Ocean Princess

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Color: Ocean Princess

Pacifica Beauty

The color of gentle Caribbean waves, you'll feel totally at peace with this sea-themed blue.

11Basis Of Everything

Smith & Cult: Basis of Everything

Neiman Marcus

Pink is the color of so many summery things, from cotton candy to watermelon to strawberry Italian ice to pink lemonade... and probably some non-edible things, too, though I can't actually think of any at the moment. Flamingos?