11 Names For Monday-Born Babies, That You'll Go Over The Moon For

People may not have many good things to say about Monday — end of the weekend fun, back to work and all that — but when you happen to give birth on that day, everything changes. Suddenly, you can say, "Hey, at least one good thing happened on Monday!" If you're one of those lucky parents, you also have the happy option of choosing a name for a baby born on Monday, and let me tell you, there are some really cool choices out there.

The day itself is named after the moon, of course, and the word "moon" is derived from the early English word for "month," according to Gizmodo. But at other points in history, the moon was called Luna after the ancient Roman goddess of the moon. Once it was discovered that other planets had moons, too, the astronomical authorities gave them individual names to distinguish them from the Big One.

Being born on a Monday isn't really as dismal as it may seem at first. As the old nursery rhyme says, "Monday's child is fair of face," so good looks may be in your child's future. Because the moon is associated with love and motherhood, people born on that day are believed to be loving, kind, sensitive, and have a close relationship with their moms, according to Astrospeak.

Your loving and lovable Monday baby should have a name that reflects its nature. Here are a few choices to consider when you're narrowing down your list.


Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

This name says it all for a Monday baby. It's Latin for "moon," according to The Bump, as well as the Roman name for the moon goddess. To up the cute factor, it's also the name of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter, not to mention the strong yet ethereal Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series.


If you want to honor your family's African culture, then consider this unusual name. According to Madame Noire, Adwoa is an African girl's name meaning "born on Monday."


"Monday's child is fair of face," according to that old nursery rhyme, so it would be more than appropriate to give your own Monday child a name meaning "beauty." Per Nameberry, the Arabic name Zayn means just that. (The English name Zane, though it sounds the same, has a different meaning.)


If you're all about the spirit of aloha, then the Hawaiian word for "moon" or "moonlight" should be on your list for a Monday child, according to Mom Junction.



Whether you choose to go with the original Gaelic name Niall (meaning "champion," per BabyCenter) or this Anglicized version, naming your child after the first person ever to walk on the moon is a pretty cool idea.


There are dozens of planetary moons out there, and some have names fit for both a heavenly body and for a newborn. Stephano, from the Greek for "crown," is one of them.


Tres bien! The French word for "pretty" also makes a charming name for your fair-of-face Monday daughter.


Selene was the Greek mythological goddess of the moon, per Baby Name Wizard. That in itself makes it an awesome choice, and its musical sound makes it even better.


This unusual yet lovely name is Hindi for "goddess of the moon," according to Nameberry. A nice alternative to Chandler for a Monday-born baby, and a superb pairing with Selene or Diana (the Roman goddess of the moon) for Monday twins.


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This Irish name meaning "handsome" can be spelled Kevyn, which makes it a fresher-sounding option for either a girl or boy.


You could also go the straightforward route and give your baby the name of the day itself. As Nameberry noted, it's "not everyone's favorite day of the week, but a pretty name." It would also change the way you think about that day forever, and that's a nice thing.

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