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11 Sweet Names For Your Saturday-Born Baby That Are Just Super

Who doesn't love Saturdays? It's that glorious pinnacle of the week when (hopefully) you don't have to go to work in the morning or the next day. It's a day for family outings and date nights, midday naps and unhurried meals. So having a baby on a Saturday is like icing on top of a gooey brownie: a great thing made even better. With that in mind, parents should think about what to name a Saturday baby that honors the day itself.

According to LiveScience, our observance of a 7-day week dates back to the ancient Babylonians, who discovered that it took seven days for the moon to transition between each of its four phases. When the Romans began using the Julian calendar in the first century B.C., they named each of the seven days after the sun, moon, and the five planets that were known at the time. So Saturday was named "Dies Saturni," or Saturn's Day. While some of the other days of the week have since been tweaked in English to reflect Norse mythology, the seventh day has kept its namesake.

Certain characteristics are associated with the day we're born, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. A Saturday child is "wise, professional, practical, strict and suspicious, with a tendency to put their head through a wall when they want something badly." (Figuratively, we presume.) That aligns nicely with the old nursery rhyme describing "Saturday's child works hard for a living."

When the time comes to fill out your Saturday baby's birth certificate, consider one of these fascinating choices as either a first or middle name. Because a child born on a special day of the week deserves to be called something equally special.


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This sweet girl's name comes from Ghana and literally means "born on Saturday," according to Nameberry. It also makes an unusual alternative to Anna or Ava.


The male equivalent of Ama, Kwame also means "born on Saturday," explained Nameberry. It's common in Ghanaian culture to name children after the day of their birth.


Sanya comes from the Sanskrit and Greek for "born on Saturday," Babynamespedia explained. It's also used for boys in Russia as a variation of Alexander, but in America, it has a more feminine ring.



Naturally, this would make the list for any parent still yearning for a Friends reunion, but Phoebe has other things going for it. First, it comes from the Greek meaning "bright" or "radiant," according to The Bump; it's also one of the many moons of Saturn, the Saturday namesake.


If you're looking for an even more unusual name, you could put this one on the list for a girl. From the Thai for "greetings from the Thai Queen," it's also a good match in this category, explained Nameberry, because the nickname, Sao, means "born on Saturday."


Depending on your preference, this variation of the Greek name Helen (also meaning "bright") can be pronounced hel-EEN or hel-ENN (the French way). It's also another of Saturn's moons.


Yet another of Saturn's moons (there are more than 50!), Rhea is another lovely Greek name meaning "rivers," per BabyCenter.


Unfortunately, not many of Saturn's moons lend themselves easily to boys' names, unless you're adventurous enough to name your son Kivluq, Grelp, Epimetheus, or Skathi. One notable exception: Kari, which comes from the Norse for "curly hair" and is also the name of the son of the Norse ruler of wind and air, explained Nameberry.


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Okay, just one more Saturn-moon name. Derived from the Greek god Dionysus, the name means "wine," explained BabyCenter, and can be used either for a boy or girl.


A classic-rock-loving parent might consider naming a Saturday-born boy after the composer of the iconic "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting." From the Old English meaning "Ella's town," per The Bump, Elton has a classic sound and matches well if you have other children named for surnames. (Bonus points if one of them is named Jagger.)


"Saturday Night Live" is now in its 44th season, which means that two generations have never known a weekend without "Weekend Update." If you're a superfan of the show, it would be fun to name a Saturday-born baby after one of the many stars who've taken the 30 Rock stage. The only trouble is, almost none of them have had names so unique that people would know right away who your baby's namesake was. Except for one: the late, brilliant Gilda Radner of the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players. Her name comes from the Old English for "golden" or "gilded," explained The Bump, so this would be a lovely choice for a Saturday golden girl.

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