11 Names With Super Creative Nicknames, Because You Shouldn’t Leave That Up To Chance

Deciding on a baby name is more than just thinking about your child’s future diploma and resume. You have to say it out loud with your last name, see if it flows with any siblings, and then you need to yell it through the house to make sure it reverberates to let your kind now he’s in serious trouble. This is where finding names with creative nicknames comes in handy. Everyone loves a good, formal moniker, but it’s hard to scream “Frederick!” when you’ve just come across eighteen muddy footprints across your clean carpet.

And nicknames, in general are fun. But there are some that can be a bit boring and too common (come on, we all know a Will, a Chris, or a Steve.) You want something original and, let’s be honest here, you want to control any potential nicknames. If you have a son named Robert, you want to choose the nickname to use if you’re not crazy about Robbie or Rob. You find a name you love, find a creative nickname to go with it, and boom! You have something perfect to yell when your child is hiding from you at Target. Here are 11 names that come with some creative and unique nicknames that will be perfect for your little one.



A fairly traditional name with common nicknames like Alex, this formal name can also be shortened to the more creative Xander or Lex.



Vintage and old-fashioned, Beatrice is already fairly unique in today’s world. But give your little trendsetter the nickname Trixie and it’s even more fun.



This name has been on the favorite list for a while, but if you’re tired of too many Matildas, you can shorten your girl’s name to Tilly for a sweet and cute moniker.



Everyone’s heard of a Fred or a Freddie, but how many little boys named Fritz do you know? It doesn’t get much cuter than that.



Vi is always a popular choice for the name Violet, but you can make your baby’s nickname more creative by trying on Lettie for size.



Channel your favorite rock and roll band by giving your Michael the nickname of Mick instead of the incredibly popular Mike.



A classic moniker, Lauren may not sound like it has too many nicknames, but Rennie or Ren are adorable versions of the name.



Chances are that you know a Christina and even a Tina but do you know a Stina? It sounds exotic and daring, and can be the perfect nickname for your little girl.



Another common, traditional name, Christopher can be shortened to a million versions. But the most creative one is definitely Topher — it’s original and spunky.



A regal name fit for your baby princess, Elizabeth is strong and beautiful. But the nickname Buffy? Simply darling and full of sass.



Don’t let Jake be the only option for this name. Coby is a cute version of this popular first name.