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These 11 Paint-By-Number Kits Will Make Your Kid Forget About Screens For A Minute

Finding an activity that doesn't involve a screen to keep your kid busy can be a huge challenge — especially when they're already beyond bored. Maybe that's why paint-by-number kits for kids are having a major moment, as Etsy's annual Kids Trend Guide revealed. In fact, searches for these kits are up 2,575% (that's a whole lot of kids with "nothing to do").

This sudden surge in popularity is wild, but it makes total sense. For one thing, Etsy reported an upswing in searches for all things related to "quiet time" (journals and puzzles are also hot items for kids at the moment). And if you've never had the pleasure of completing your own paint-by-number masterpiece, it's actually super fun. The usually-inexpensive craft kits include a pre-drawn picture divided into smaller shapes, each with an assigned number; every number corresponds with a certain color, and as you follow the guide, your painting is revealed. The results will make your kid feel like an artist, but the process is surprisingly easy — not to mention relaxing and (best of all for parents) time-consuming. With any luck, your little one will be so focused and quiet that you'll have time to respond to an email, pay a bill, or maybe even do your own paint-by-number kit because, look, they really are soothing.

Even Taylor Swift gave a nod to the classic craft in her new song "The 1," where she sings: "We never painted by the numbers, baby." Fortunately you and your kiddo (unlike Tay, apparently) have plenty of options for getting your craft on with these with these 11 paint-by-number kits.

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An Ode To Frida Kahlo

It's kind of meta to paint one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, but this awesome Frida Kahlo Paint By Number kit is a history lesson and an art project in one. Each kit comes with an 8-inch by 10-inch painting board, acrylic paint pots in 18 vibrant colors, and a paintbrush. You may even want to frame this one when you're done.


Cupcake Pop Art

Your kid may not be allowed to eat a cupcake anytime, but they can always paint one. This pop art-inspired kit contains eight non-toxic paints and also comes with mounting tape, so you can hang their creation without worrying about your walls.


The Cutest Cat

All the cool cats and kittens in your life won't be able to resist this paint-by-number kit featuring a cute cat resting in a flower pot. It comes with the six paints you'll need, and it's great for beginners.


A Paint-By-Number Puzzle

An art project and a puzzle? Yes, please. This elephant paint-by-number project comes with 62 pieces, which makes for a challenging yet doable puzzle. Just note that this one doesn't come with paint.


A Frozen Option

Frozen lovers will flip for this paint-by-number kit that comes with everything you need for a fun creative sesh. The set includes the numbered canvas, brushes, and paint. You'll be amazed by how many shades of blue and green it takes to make Elsa.


A Custom Pet Portrait

It's so special to have a custom-made portrait of your pet, especially if you are (er, your child is) the artist behind the creation. After ordering this paint-by-number kit, just email the Etsy seller with a high resolution picture of your pet and your order number. The kit comes with acrylic paint, a paint palette, two paint brushes, and mercifully, instructions.


A Whole Zoo

Melissa & Doug have done it again with this set of three stretched canvases featuring outlined pictures of a safari, a jungle, and underwater animals. Little ones will have fun painting their favorite animals, then showing their paintings off on the included display easel.


A Wise Old Owl

This paint-by-number owl is sure to be a hoot (sorry) among adults and kids alike. It comes with paint and brushes, and best of all, at just $10 you won't feel like you broke the bank (especially if your kid decides they're done halfway through the painting session).


A Very Pink Piglet

I honestly can't believe this little pig is a paint-by-number creation. The kit is available in four sizes with four animals to choose from: a pig, a llama, a penguin, and a bunny. If you're really getting into it and want to do more than one project, these four would look great hanging side by side in a kid's room.


A Majestical, Not Messy Option

If you're (understandably) a bit wary of getting paint all over your house, this paint-by-number is for you. Kiddos can color in the outlines using pencils, then dip a paintbrush in water and watch as the penciled areas turn to watercolor paint. The kit also teaches little ones how to properly mix color, and the shiny foil options give the final product a little glam touch.


A Kit Fit For Beginners

For less than the cost of a fancy latte, your little artist can paint a seascape. This kit includes a pre-printed board, one paint brush, and acrylic paints. There's also a practice sheet so they can get the hang of painting by the number before they move onto the more permanent-seeming board (an ingenious inclusion).