11 Plus Size Fashion "Rules" You Never Have To Follow

by Pepper M. Martin

When I was a teenager, my style choices were very different from the fashionistas you see today. My closet consisted of big and tall shirts, bodysuits, long skirts, over sized pants ,and blazers. I had very little interest in dressing like a girl, because I was so insecure of my fashion sense. I’ve always been a size 12 or more, and everywhere I turned there were always plus size fashion rules established by people who clearly didn't fall into that category. This can really do something to a young woman trying to discover her personal style.

Today, I can say I’m a much different from that girl and that I've broken almost every plus size fashion "rule" out there, from avoiding horizontal stripes to opting out of a two-piece bikini. I’ve gone against the grain and loved every ounce of myself while doing so.

I believe if you like a trend or a piece of clothing, you should try wearing it. Those so-called plus size fashion rules are a thing of the past. That’s why I begin blogging. I wanted help other plus size women discover the number of fashion possibilities awaiting them. And the first way to do that is by getting over the fear of their clothes and throwing out these plus size fashion "rules" you never have to follow.


Stay Away From Horizontal Stripes

This rule is usually follow up by some theory that horizontal stripes make you look wider, which I think is foolish. I have a serious thing for stripes, and I don't think they make me appear bigger. Stripes have the cleanest line and can be paired with any color plus this classic pattern can be worn by any body type.


Don't Mix Prints

Print mixing is my jam! Fun geometrics prints and african patterns can bring a look to life, It's this type of mischievous quirkiness that shows the fun side of fashion. Of course print mixing is a commitment and not for the feint of heart. Just remember to stick to the primary color of the prints.


Never Wear White Jeans

I heard so many times that white jeans would make me look pounds larger or the white would emphasis my cellulite. Oh well. I will just wear my Spanx for pants and show off these curves.


Don't Don A Crop Top

I personally love wearing my crop top with a high waist jeans or midi. This is one of those rules people love hopping on to try and make plus size girls feel some type of way. It's not working.


Skip Shorts Above The Knees

I love wearing shorts in the summer, and I seriously doubt this little rule is going to keep me or any of my plus size sisters out of them. Plus I live in the South, making these a wardrobe essential.


Skinny Jeans Are Too Tight

I once heard a mother say to her plus size daughter in a dressing room that skinny jeans are for skinny people. No worries I didn't go bananas on the mother, I just stepped out of my dressing room with these exact jeans on said, "I think my 'big thighs' like theses."


Say No To Jumpsuits

Why? A jumpsuit can add many options to your wardrobe. Dress it up for date night or throw on a blazer for work. The only problem I've ever had with jumpsuits is trying not to buy so many.


Avoid Floral Prints

According to the so called rule book, floral prints can make you look like a walking garden. While some choose to see this an insult, I embrace it. Wearing floral prints makes me happy and feel pretty.


No Bodycon Dresses

I enjoy wearing the form fitting dress, especially for girl night out. I think you need a dress like in your closet just for those occasional "show them what you working with" moments.


Pass On Printed Pants

I was told printed pant will empathizes the size of my thighs and make them appear larger than they are already. Well at 58 inches, I seriously doubt I can be shocked by the size of my glorious thighs in any print.


Never Wear A Bikini

Listen, I never though there would be a day when I would wear a bikini. Now I'm the proud owner of five fabulous fatkinis, and I love them. The fatkini is a celebration of curves as coined by plus size blogger, GabiFresh. She also created a swimsuit line designed for the plus size beach goddess. Don't let summer pass you by without trying something new. You just might like it.