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13 Best Zombie Makeup Ideas For Kids

They’re just spooky enough.

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When you ask your kids what they want to be for Halloween, you might get a couple of different answers; a few ideas that they toss out from which they can figure out exactly what their costume will be on the big night. Practically without a doubt, however, you know that they'll need your help to pull of the perfect Halloween costume, whatever it may be. If they’re leaning far from the innocence of animated characters like Bluey and want to be something a little scarier, here are some kids zombie makeup ideas that are convincing, but not too too scary and realistic. You want them to rock their costume confidently but not get absolutely spooked each time they look in the mirror.

Some kids want their Halloween costumes to be as scary as possible and in some cases, you might just tell them to go for it. Other times, however, whether it's because it's what they want or what you do, you might want to try to tone down the scary in small ways here and there, even if the rest of their costume embraces it. Makeup is an easy way to either tone it down or ramp it up. In most cases, subtler looks are going to be less scary and less realistic, while elaborate, over-the-top looks will be more involved and — in the case of zombies — scarier. Grab your makeup bag and plant yourself in front of a well-lit mirror. Practice makes perfect.


Bruised Zombie

@Beautybybelinda’s TikTok feed is full of creative and eccentric makeup looks, as well as other beauty tips and product reviews. She has over 63k followers and was even featured on season 1 of Glow Up on Netflix. The best thing about her zombie makeup look is that it’s super quick and easy. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to pull it off or use any fancy tools. After applying foundation (if you want to) line one side of the forehead with some contour, as well as on the inner and outer corners of both eyes. When you blend it all in, they should look kind of like bruises. Then, put some white eyeliner on the areas you want to look less bruised. Finally, use some liquid lipstick to create a bloody look on one side of the lip.


Vein-y Zombie

Popular TikTok user @alexabeautyy is known for creating videos that rapidly show her adding makeup, and revealing the final look at the end. Oftentimes her makeup is a recreation of a popular character, like The Flash or Disgust from Inside Out. Her zombie makeup look, which emphasizes the veins of a particularly translucent zombie, got nearly 200k likes from her 7.5 million followers. Start with some yellow-green eyeshadow on the whole face and then brush some darker, purple hues onto the eyelids. Use red liquid lipstick or eyeshadow on the neck and blend with the same purple hues to make it look like both a bruise and a cut. Then, use a thinner eyeshadow brush to draw purple veins all over the face going in different directions. This part makes it a bit more scary so it can be optional if you want: add black eyeshadow to the eyes and splotch some red liquid lipstick around the lips that resembles blood. The veins are the best part, so you can emphasize that the most if that’s what your child wants.


Scarred Zombie

This zombie look from BeforeandAfterTV on YouTube requires all-over coverage and some layering of colors. First, sponge on some light makeup. Then, mix green and black shadows together for the creepiest color to darken the eyes, cheekbones, nose, and forehead. Draw veins and things on their little face with black liquid eyeliner. They'll look like a zombie, but it won't be too scary.


Injured Zombie

RandomUsefulStuff on YouTube created a zombie look that requires you to apply makeup to the neck and shoulders as well as the face. Then, use a dark eye shadow all around the eye to create that un-dead look. Blend it all together and then outline the bones in the neck, the outsides of the nose, and the mouth. Finish it up with some bloody cuts if you want to make it just a little bit spookier, or leave them off for a more G-rated version.


Black And Green Zombie

iCandiemakeupBri on YouTube has a zombie look that’s classic. Start with a layer of primer and concealer all over their face. Then, use black and green eyeshadows for a ghoulish look. Layer a different shade of green over the darker colors and blend. Then, use a light color (like white or gray) and apply there wherever the dark colors aren't. Contour the neck with the black and green color. Baby powder all over the lighter colors gives you even more of a spooky look. How easy is that?


Glam Zombie

For this subtle, glam zombie look by Kim Conner on YouTube, all you'll need is baby powder, some makeup brushes, dark eyeshadows to hollow out the eyes and do a bit of contouring, and black lipstick or liquid eyeliner. The key to this subtle look (minus the lip, of course) is to blend, blend, blend.


Subtle Zombie

This zombie look, basically, just looks like you haven't slept in a while. Alyxify on YouTube, who created this look, uses primer, foundation, a light liquid makeup and setting powder first. Fill in the eyebrows and then put smudgy eyeliner under the eye. Use purples, browns, blues, and greens all around the eyes and apply with your finger. Contour with dark colors, as well (use your fingers again). Don't forget about your lips. You'll look zombie-like, but not enough to really scare anyone.


Contoured Zombie

This zombie look by Kristi Collings on YouTube looks more complicated to pull off than some of the others, but is really easy when you get right down to it. All you'll need is white and black makeup and some moisturizer. Apply a layer of light makeup with your hands, a makeup brush, or a sponge. Don't forget to cover their ears and necks as well. Use a dark-colored makeup stick to contour. Then, blend your contouring lines, adding more and more color until you get the look you're going for. That's it. Now they're Halloween-ready.


Baby Zombie

For this zombie look — by Zach Duty on YouTube — layer brown, green, and beige to create your base. Blend it all together with your hands. Then, go back in with shades of red and purple to make it look like they have scrapes on their face. Blend and blend in a little bit more of the brown tones if needed. They'll be the cutest, creepiest baby zombie on the block.


Bleeding Zombie

This zombie tutorial includes directions for gashes and the like, but you can skip those if you don't want things to get too scary. BlueEyedJackson on YouTube says to apply a light face makeup all over their entire face, including the eyelashes and lips. Apply dark shades of eyeshadow on their cheeks and forehead and blend it in until you achieve the look you wanted. Smudge black eyeshadow all over their eyes for a hollowed look. Use red lipstick for blood if you'd like. They're ready to trick or treat!


Easy Zombie Effect

When it comes to getting a child Halloween-ready, sometimes speed and ease is of the essence. Your little zombie might not have the patience for a several hours-long makeup transformation. This HalloweenCostumes.com tutorial from YouTube In that case, is easy and will have them looking spooky faster than you can say “boo!”


Don’t Forget The Hairstyle

Nailing a creepy makeup look is just part of the challenge of making your kid look like an A+ zombie. Don’t forget the hair. The Daya Daily’s YouTube tutorial will help you amp up the creepy look without totally freaking out your child and their friends.


Zombie Frankenstein

What was Frankenstein if not a man-made zombie? If your child wants to get that monster zombie look, then this Momdotcom YouTube guide is what you need. This tutorial gives you maximum effect with minimal scare

Ready for your child to be the most frightening versions of themselves? Then pick one of these tutorials, get out your makeup brushes, and get to work. Any of these looks will satisfy your child’s desires to look like they’re alive, but dead.

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