11 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Loving Foreplay


Foreplay has always been touted as a major part of sex, but not everyone's on board. Sure, there are women who complain that their partners don't even think about foreplay, but there are also those who think foreplay is a waste of time and that if you want to get it on with your partner, you should just do it. Aren't quickies supposed to be sexy? Well, sure. But there are plenty of reasons not to be embarrassed about loving foreplay, too.

Personally, I think foreplay is the best part of sex. Intercourse is all well and good, but there's something to be said about the anticipation foreplay brings I always feel a little lackluster about sex when it just becomes a "get naked and do it" kind of performance. I prefer a lot of kissing, touching, talking, and slowly building up to the moment. And I know I'm not alone. A study found that the more buildup or foreplay, the more likely you are to have a powerful, longer orgasm. In the words of Jesse Pinkman, "Yeah, science!"

It seems like a no-brainer, but with other articles finding that some women say foreplay is overrated and does nothing for their orgasms, it's easy to see why people are willing to give up the fun beforehand and get straight to sex. But there's nothing wrong with loving foreplay, and here are 11 reasons why you shouldn't be embarrassed in the slightest.

1You're Sex Positive


If you're sex positive, and I know you are, you should give yourself a fist pump because there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to your desire for lots of foreplay.

2It Creates More Powerful Orgasms


According to Prevention, a study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that when women masturbated and stopped before having an orgasm, they built up their own arousal, much like foreplay. When they did actually cum, their arousal and temperature remained high, unlike the men, who had their arousal immediately decrease after orgasm.

3It Makes Sex Last Longer


I mean, a quickie is fine every now and then, but you want to actually enjoy sex, right? So there's no reason to feel weird about loving foreplay when it turns your romp into an all-night long thing.

4It Gives You Plenty Of Time To Try New Things


When you're skipping out on foreplay, you're skipping out on the chance to try a new oral sex technique, to think about new positions, or to give yourself time to try something totally new, like toys or bondage. Foreplay is an exploratory time, and that's definitely something to love.

5Because Anticipation Is Hot


Right? Building it up all day is super hot and makes it ten times harder to keep your hands off your partner when you finally see them.

6Because There's Nothing Wrong With Needing Some Extra Arousal


Some women are ready for sex at the flip of a switch, but not everybody is the same. There's nothing wrong with needing some extra loving, so keep that in mind when you're looking forward to foreplay.

7You Can Orgasm & Still Have Sex After


Um, best part of foreplay, right? Foreplay can make you cum, and then you're still up for sex where you might even get another orgasm! Girl. Get it.

8You Can Make It Last All Day


Like, seriously. There's so many different ways to initiate foreplay. Sexy emails, sexting, hot pictures of yourself, detailing to your partner what you want to do to them — the possibilities are endless.

9It Makes You Feel Sexy


Having your SO take their time with your body and being incredibly turned on makes you feel like some kind of sex goddess in bed. Especially when you can use your foreplay time to give your partner some extra attention.

10It Makes Your Partner Feel Wanted


You're asking to spend more time touching them, kissing them, and turning them on. Why wouldn't that make them feel totally desired by you?

11It Helps You Discover What You & Your Partner Like


With foreplay, you're exploring the things you like and the things your partner likes without the rush of sex. There's no rules in foreplay and you can both take your time discovering what you want and don't want out of sex.