11 Reasons To Use A Menstrual Cup, Other Than The Fact That It's Amazing

In the period management department, it feels like there have only been two choices for a long time: pads that feel like you’re wearing a diaper or tampons roughly the size and diameter of a telephone pole. But now there’s a relative newcomer to the feminine hygiene game, and it’s shaking up the lives of menstruating people everywhere. There are so many reasons to use a menstrual cup that you may never buy a box of tampons again. (Isn’t that a beautiful thought?) Not only can they work longer than either pads or tampons, they’re an eco-conscious, safe alternative to these old-school methods.

The cups are drawing in new converts every day, and for many of them, there’s no going back to the pad. Depending on the type of cup you use, you can sleep all night, go to spin class, work a full shift, or even have sex while wearing a menstrual cup. And once you get the hang of how they work with your own body, it’s difficult to imagine a world without them. They might even be a healthier alternative to tampons. Here are a few more reasons why menstrual cups might be the best choice for all of your period needs.


You'll Sleep Better

According to the Diva Cup's website, menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, so you can even sleep with them in. No more worrying about stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night to fetch a fresh pad.


You Can Exercise Without Worry

According to Women's Health, cups can be more comfortable during exercise than tampons and are less likely to leak." Plus, given the aforementioned 12 hours of wear time, you could literally run a marathon in the thing without needing to empty it.


You Can Better Monitor Your Health

As Global News reported, monitoring your period can tell you about your health (the appearance of blood clots, for instance, may indicate fibroids). And luckily, most cups have markings that let you monitor your flow and evaluate your health situation down there.


You Produce Less Waste

Many cups can be used for years, which results in a significant decrease in your trash production. "Since you can reuse them, there’s less waste to clog up our landfills and fewer trees sacrificed to make the paper-based alternatives," doctor Elisa Ross wrote for the Cleveland Clinic's Health Essentials.


You Feel More Comfortable

Seriously! A Buzzfeed post got several women to try out cups for the first time, and some reported that they could not even feel it once it was in place. The flexible silicone or rubber is very different from a giant cotton stick.


You Save Money

Just how much cash are you laying out for feminine hygiene products in, say, one year? According to Slate, women spend about $60 a year on menstrual products . But, as the publication noted, one menstrual cup costs $30 to $40 and can last for up to a decade with proper care. Periods are annoying enough already; they don't need to cost extra money.


You Join A Community

Perhaps as an offshoot of the Period Pride movement, there is an active community of people on social media who love everything about the menstrual cup. These are a great resource for finding a cup that will fit you, as well as master the all-important insertion techniques. There is even a #menstrualcup hashtag on Twitter.


Your Cramps With Be Less Painful

According to the Huffington Post, some women report less cramping with cups. Hey, anything that might relieve that pain has got to be a good thing, right?


You Become More Comfortable With Your Body

According to a piece in Time, menstrual cup manufacturers have struggled with "confronting the ick factor" of their product's main purpose. But if this confrontation ultimately makes you more comfortable with your own body, then this is a definitely a plus.


You Reduce Risk Of Infection

According to the Lunacups' website, menstrual cups are "non-absorbent so it does not upset the delicate balance inside the vagina." And as WebMD notes, cups may have a lower risk of toxic shock syndrome than tampons. A cup may save you a trip to the doctor.


You Keep Sex Mess-Free

The disposable Softcup is made with this purpose in mind. According to its website, women can have, "clean, comfortable sex with Softcup in place." The days of celibate periods may be a thing of the past.